Diarmaid Ninian John MacCulloch (Kent, Inglaterra 31 de octubre de 1951) es Knight Bachelor, [1] miembro de la Academia Británica, de la Sociedad de Anticuarios de Londres y de la Royal Historical Society.Es profesor de Historia de la Iglesia en la Universidad de Oxford desde 1998 y miembro (formalmente Senior Tutor) del Cross College de Oxford desde 1995. The West, he says, is set apart from the rest of the world in that it needs to talk constantly about sex. His latest book, Silence: A Christian History, is published by Allen Lane. Get our magazine. He is one of the most widely travelled of Christian historians and conveys a sense of place as arrestingly as he does the power of ideas. His Thomas Cranmer (1996) won the Whitbread Biography Award, the James Tait Black Prize and the Duff Cooper Prize; Reformation: Europe's House Divided (2003) won the Wolfson Prize for History and the British Academy Book Prize.A History of Christianity: The … Utilizamos cookies y herramientas similares para mejorar tu experiencia de compra, prestar nuestros servicios, entender cómo los utilizas para poder mejorarlos, y para mostrarte anuncios. Diarmaid MacCulloch ranges from Palestine in the first century to India in the third, from Damascus to China in the seventh century and from San Francisco to Korea in the twentieth. Es coeditor del Diario de la historia eclesiástica. When I meet him he has just returned from playing the organ at St Barnabas, something he does regularly. All content © of the RA or its respective author. Lee ahora en digital con la aplicación gratuita Kindle. I ask MacCulloch. Let's check, How Rich is Diarmaid MacCulloch in 2020-2021? Aware from a young age that he was gay, MacCulloch – a parson’s son – considered this no barrier to entering the clergy. He is the author of Thomas Cranmer, winner of the Whitbread Prize, the James Tait Black Prize, and the Duff Cooper Prize; Christianity, a New York Times bestseller that won the Cundill Prize in History and was chosen by The New Yorker and The New York Times as a Best Book of the Year; and … Diarmaid MacCulloch is Professor of the History of the Church at Oxford University. Al principio pensaba ordenarse como diácono en la Iglesia Anglicana, pero finalmente declinó debido a la actitud eclesiástica sobre su homosexualidad. This is the anger of threatened males towards a culture that endlessly offers them sex and sexual possibility.”, Of this series and its relationship to his most recent book, Silence: A Christian History, MacCulloch says that “they spring out of a common interest of mine in the structures of history that make us what we are. Though he calls the word “belief” “a bully-pulpit term used by those who want to make sure that you’re in or out of a particular ideological system”, he regularly attends his local church, St Barnabas in Oxford, and self-identifies as “a candid friend of Christianity”. Esta página se editó por última vez el 25 may 2016 a las 15:40. How do senior clerical figures justify this? Web system by SimplicityWeb. Arguably the country’s pre-eminent expert on Christianity, the Professor of the History of the Church at the University of Oxford is shortly to present a BBC2 series about Christianity and its role in shaping our attitudes to sex. The English Reformation played out very differently than those on the Continent, and by the time it got underway, the continental reform movements were already welcoming a second generation of leaders. To support our journalism, please subscribe. MacCulloch credits the emergence of “systematic child abuse” to two features of the Counter-Reformation: first and perhaps most important was the fact that the Catholic Church effectively enforced universal celibacy on its clergy; second, the Counter-Reformation introduced “social work on a huge scale for the Church”. The Rationalist Association is independent, irreverent & non-profit.   – BBC Press Office (2009): A History Of Christianity, https://es.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Diarmaid_MacCulloch&oldid=91284151, Wikipedia:Revisiones de traducción en curso, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores VIAF, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores ISNI, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores BNF, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores CANTIC, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores GND, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores LCCN, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores UB, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores Open Library, Wikipedia:Artículos con identificadores Dialnet, Licencia Creative Commons Atribución Compartir Igual 3.0. April You can find out more and subscribe here. There are teachings and scandals that look increasingly ugly as time passes.

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