Simple fan port compensator for your 9mm rifle. Categories: AR 9mm, Muzzle Devices. Tromix Radial Compensator adds 1.3″ to barrel length. Mod-Comp linear compensator for your 9mm applications. ... Manticore Arms Shadow 9mm Flash Hider - 1/2x28 | Works up to 9mm. offers the absolute best online shopping experience for Muzzle Brakes & Compensators.Any time you can't make up your mind which Muzzle Brakes & Compensators to purchase then look at our Muzzle Brakes & Compensators Reviews and compare top rated brands to find a Muzzle Brakes & Compensators that is perfect for you. Both effects help to reduce felt recoil and keep the rifle on target. ... Ratings and Reviews. SLR Rifleworks Synergy Linear Hybrid 9mm 1/2x28 Comp Synergy Linear Hybrid Compensator 9mm Steel Core with Titanium Sleeve Adds 1.52" inches to barrel 1/2x28 Threading 1.25" OD 2" OAL Weight 3.8 oz Includes crush washer Anodizing colors var So, not surprisingly, this compensator is extremely rugged and durable for hard use out in the field. Features. 1/2x28 (5.56) Spiral Fluted Muzzle Brake (USA Made) (0) $22.99 On sale: $19.95 Sale. Very pleased with this linear compensator. AR 9mm Cal A1 Micro Predator Flash Hider (Shorty Version) AR-A1-S-9 $ 34.95. If you didn’t read my Hardened Arms LMC review a linear compensator is a bit different than a standard compensator. Add to cart. Proudly Canadian- This aesthetically attractive and sleek looking compensator makes use of a titanium sleeve, with its core and cap machined from 416R stainless steel with a black nitride finish. Before the bullet can even escape, the forces of the explosion expel gases onto your skin and buck the muzzle. Midwest Industries Blast Can - 1/2x28 threads | Fits .223 ... Manticore Arms Tip for Afterburner Linear Compensator - Muzzle Comp. $44.85. In Stock. Out of stock. Write a review. 1. In Stock (0) Add To Cart. Rated 5.00 out of 5. Out of stock. Last on our list, the Agency Arms LLC 417 Compensator for the Glock 43 is an excellent offering. 1/2X28 (5.56) Linear Compensator Sound & Concussion Forwarder/ Stainless Steel (USA Made) (0) $29.99 On sale: $29.85 Sale. Most short barreled guns are louder than guns with longer barrels. The KVP™ Linear comp is part of a small group of muzzle devices that are designed to collect and redirect muzzle gases down range. 4. This also directs the noise from the gun forward of the shooter. Strike Industries - Venom Flash Hider For .308/7.62 - 5/8x24. All gases are directed forward which reduces the overall concussion force of any 9mm carbine or pistol. item 4 Kaw Valley Precision KVP 9mm Linear Comp/Compensator 1/2x28 TPI - Black 4 - Kaw Valley Precision KVP 9mm Linear Comp/Compensator 1/2x28 TPI - Black. Made in the USA with an unconditional lifetime warranty. They do deliver a little less muzzle rise prevention than a … That said, this small size and its chambering in 9mm turn it into quite the recoil powerhouse compared to other guns. 2. As of our most excellent pick New Linear Competition 9MM Muzzle Brake 1/2x28 Thread Pitch - Aluminum is a hot place to start, it imparts the majority features … IN ADDITION, MOST SHIPPING CARRIERS ARE EXPERIENCING SLIGHT DELAYS. The small periphery ports on the top side allow gas to push the muzzle downward, and a slight reverse taper on the inner bore allows gas to pull the muzzle forward. Linear Comps do not reduce the noise of a gun. 1/2-28 FOR 556 OR SIMILAR CLOSED END AND HOLES IN THE UPWARD POSITIONS ONLY SAME SIZE AS A2CRUSH WASHER NOT INCLUDED  The extra long length of this comp makes it an extremely functional linear comp, by utilizing a HUGE expansion chamber. All thread sizes available in 45 caliber for 450 Bushmaster, 458 SOCOM, 45-70 etc. $34.95 $29.95 Sale. Add to cart. 35 users rated this 5 out of 5 stars 35. The PSA Custom PCC Linear compensator was designed to divert as much report away from the shooter as possible when using shorter barrel configurations. Kaw Valley Precision Compensators can also aid in the cycling of an AR15 SBR or Pistol with the increased back pressure provided by the comp that traditional flash hiders do not provide. Starting with a solid bar of 7075 – T6 Aerospace aluminum alloy, the Warthog Linear Compensators are turned and CNC-milled in the USA before receiving their proprietary hard-coat anodizing that allows them to stand up to thousands of rounds of use. These linear compensators are designed to direct gasses away from the shooter. These compensators help reduce muzzle blast and noise directed towards the shooter by venting through the front of the compensator. In addition to the blast controlling functionality, it allows builders the option to use longer Hand Guards in short barreled pistol caliber rifle and pistol builds. The six holes are not parallel to the barrel to create a swirl effect for the gasses. In its original config, it’s a linear compensator – it simply reduces the rearward push of the gun’s recoil. Linear Compensator. We have put many rounds through this and is easily as proficient at protecting shooters to your sides as any of the the competitors products. 5. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. The front face is also contoured to help optimize bullet stabilization. The Kaw Valley Precision 9mm Linear Comp is proudly MADE IN THE USA by hard working American men and women. $39.99 $14.99 Sale. Quick view. Add to cart. The Glock 43 is one of the smallest 9mm handguns on the market, filling an excellent niche for concealed carry. Midwest Industries Blast Can .308 7.62 5/8x24 TPI. Our customer written product reviews by verified … The Airborne Arms AAZ9 Warthog Linear Compensator provides powerful reduction in muzzle rise on 9mm firearms with ½-36 muzzle threads. (Item Code: MBHE 556/MBHE 338/MBHE 9MM/MBHE 458/MBHE 556 BLK/MBHE 338 BLK/ MBHE 9MMBLK/MBHE 458 BLK) HELIOS IS AN ATF APPROVED LINEAR COMPENSATOR CONSTRUCTED FROM GRADE 5 TITANIUM100% CORROSION RESISTANT MUZZLE DEVICE DESIGNED FOR CQB TYPE WEAPONS CAN BE USED WITH ANY BARREL LENGTH DIRECTS MUZZLE BLAST AND SOUND … The AAZ9’s biggest benefit comes during periods of sustained rapid fire; you spend less time fighting to keep the muzzle down, … They simply redirect the noise away from the shooter. AR 9mm "Hellfire" Muzzle Compensator With Qd Blast Shield (Gen 2) HELLFIRE-9 $ 119.95. This helps lower the perceived decibels a shooter experiences. A linear compensator is a muzzle device that is designed to direct gas and concussion forward of the shooter. AK74 compensator is designed to easily attach to the standard AK barrel equipped with 14 x 1 LH threads Click on image or item for more info Price: $24.00 View product 1/2x36 (9MM) Linear Compensator Sound & Concussion Forwarder/ Nitrided (USA Made) (0) $29.95 On sale: $27.99 Sale. Quick view. Kaw Valley Precision Linear Comp for 40S&W/45ACP/10MM Carbines and Pistols-.578x28 Thread Usually Ships in 24 Hours In Stock. Features: AAZ9 is designed for 9mm ammunition Traditional Compensator. 5/8x24 (.308) Stainless Steel Compact Compensator (USA Made) MZ1002-3SS-N MORE INFO QUICK VIEW . Shop SLR Synergy 9mm Linear Hybrid Compensator | Up to $6.50 Off 5 Star Rating on 2 Reviews for SLR Synergy 9mm Linear Hybrid Compensator + Free Shipping over $49. By threading in an additional compensating nozzle, the linear comp becomes a more traditional compensator, making it more effective at taming recoil than the standard setup. Out of stock. You line up the sights perfectly with your target, then pull the trigger. 1 Review. The positive effects of our comps are especially noticed in AR-15 pistols and SBR's that are notorious for having brain busting muzzle concussion. Available in black or stainless … SLR Rifleworks Synergy Linear Hybrid Comp 9mm - 1/2x36 DUE TO HIGH ORDER VOLUME PLEASE ALLOW 2-3 ADDITIONAL BUSINESS DAYS TO PROCESS AND SHIP YOUR ORDER. 40 product ratings. At nearly half the price of other devices and performance being the same, it is a great choice. Recoil Technologies 5/8x24 Linear Compensator - Big Bore .45ACP and 9mm Compatible. These compensators also feature a large single expansion chamber which … Available in 5/8-24, 5/8-32, 11/16-24, and 3/4-24 thread size. 1/2x36 (9MM) Linear Compensator Sound & Concussion Forwarder/ Nitrided (USA Made) MZ1020-9MM MORE INFO QUICK VIEW . 4.8 out of 5 stars based on 40 product ratings. If you are on the wrong side of that blast you’ll now have to deal with bullets and loud noise co… 5/8-24 also available in .375 caliber. 4.8. In Stock (0) Add To Cart.

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