Consider amenities as “special” furniture with permanent passive bonuses. This infographic details all the current villagers, with what crafting materials and essence they provide. What is the max number of friends you can have? Internet connectivity is required to play Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. I’ll be going into detail in certain areas, and others I won’t as there are wikis that provide said information. May include advertising. After having linked your MyNintendo Account to your ACPC game, you’ll see there are missions and rewards available. Leaf Tickets are used to: Speed up the crafting process on furniture / amenities, Cover the cost of missing materials when going to craft a piece of furniture / amenity, Purchase certain Special Camper paint jobs, Expand your Market Box count & Inventory count even further. The weekly missions require you to complete “x” amount of requests that week. A list of what type of essence / craft material each villager provides is here, A more thorough explanation that the ACPC Discord and myself had worked on to explain it is here. This allows you to easily talk to each villager rather than having to search for them across your whole campsite if you’ve covered It in furniture. The villagers outside will remain in their location for 3 hours, which is until the next rotation, where it will cycle them out and place another 4 villagers there. There is a limit of only 40 furniture being allowed to be placed in your campsite at a time. Lost Lure Creek Trees; The 2 trees in Lost Lure Creek hold a duplicate of a fruit that would appear in Breezy Hollow. | - Cool | Apollo Natural | Goldie Sporty | Jay Cute | Rosie, Now that you’ve completed the tutorial, the real game starts. The max number of friends you can have is 100. February 2020. Your end-goal with villagers is to invite every single one that you can into your campsite, and level them all up to their max level of 20. Organizing Furniture in Campsite; In regards to optimizing your campsite to your benefit. The max amount you can have is 100, and you can either add them through their Friend Code, finding random people on the “exploration” maps and sending them a friend request, or through connecting Facebook and/or Twitter. Every happiness level from a villager is 1 exp to you as a player. You’re able to add other players as Friends in ACPC. The timers for the animals summoned here are independent to the global map timer. Request Tickets; Can only be used 3 timers per villager per day. The amount of bells that will drop ranges from 300-1,000 bells. In the mood for a little extra fun? For instance, if you have 5 Villagers in your campsite, there is a 40% chance that on the rotation you will have 2 conversations available, vs a 20% chance for 1, 20% chance for 3, or 20% chance for 4. Installing Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp on PC Installing and playing your favorite mobile games is made easy and seamless with BlueStacks. For more information on leaf tickets, check here. Timed Goals refresh each day. It’s all dependent on what you currently need or want. Event Materials: Candy Canes,Countdown Charms, & any future event materials, Craft Materials: Wood, Steel, Cotton, Paper, Preserves, Essences: Cool, Cute, Natural, Sporty Essences, The +Potential Bonus, value will not always appear. Dropping Fruits from Trees; When shaking trees, you can leave the fruit has dropped from them on the ground to collect later. Adding in a bit more to the look of the amenity. Thus, you’ll only be able to utilize 32 Calling Cards per day, if you were to use 4 every time on cooldown. Thanks for providing such a wonderful resource and reference! If i finish a T2 Lv. Start crafting Amenities the moment you unlock them at Lv. The furniture arrangement doesn't make sense because you don't have to be near a Camper to talk to her. Is there a limit to how much furniture someone can hold? Click the Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp icon on the home screen to start playing . 10 Bells in Mailbox; This means the person you lent a hand to did not go into the quarry that day. Thanks for letting us know, we are looking into it! There is a limit of 40 furniture pieces allowed on your campsite at any given time. The mechanics behind cycle planning is quite simple. Also i'll be adding that in alongside other edits later today. The way of connection is as follows: Visit the official website to download and install Nox App Player on your computer. Eg you can walk down the front of your camp and reach everyone. (in US and Canada). Yellow Pansy Seeds Other colors of flower seeds can be obtained through cross-pollination. Will they leave if i remove it? 1 Natural over it. They were on different timers prior to 1.1.0 so i'd say it's safe to assume that's the case even now. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Flower Chart =^T^= Check out Reddit they are awesome on info Great Site TY Reddit <3. As in Most Animal Crossing games, there are loans to pay off in here as well. Many players have either organized 8 chairs in a row, or 8 intractable objects (lamps) in a row. *This rate applies to honey placements, individual rates of bug appearances may vary. Common practiced etiquette by a large portion of the community is to sell everything at the lowest price possible, or a fairly low price. So one Pocket Camp fan decided to … The villagers in your campsite that get a conversation or request is random. What is the max amount of Crafting Slots? Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp cross-pollination and flower breeding guide | Gamepur. Do you have a purple already? Here is a list of varying useful resources, be it on this reddit itself, or other helpful websites. You are free to remove it with no worry of that villager leaving your campsite. 11/20/2017 - Addition to Tips, Tricks & Micromanagement, 11/21/2017 - Amenity level requirements fixed, 11/22/2017 - ACPC-Lingo & Commonly Asked Questions section added, extra details added to various parts of the guide, 11/24/2017 Recommended stack sizes added to Market Box sub-section, 12/05/2017 Villager unlock-tier list updated. You can place a max of 40 furniture pieces at a time in your campsite. Experience is acquired by leveling up the happiness of a villager. Cycle Planning; This involves rotating in and out of your camp before and after a rotation. Once you’ve invited them, you can remove the furniture if you so choose. Once rotation hits, look at who's out in the 4 "exploration" locations. Make a trendy open-air café, or line up some microphones and guitars to create an outdoor music festival! In that menu, select any villager and then select send home. This may increase in a future update. Every level you gain as a player unlocks various things. (Excluding promotions & LogIn Bonuses). The Shells share a different spawn % from the fishes on the beaches naturally, as they spawn in different areas. White Dandelion Seeds 3. You as a player make progress in many ways throughout the game. Furniture is essential to craft in ACPC. User Info: FemmeFromMars. When upgrading an amenity does the level cap increase happen first or so relationship points increase first? This does not mean they will all reside within your campsite, but that you’ll be able to freely invite and send them home as you choose. You can always visit your friends to get ideas as to how you want to decorate it. Timeline that ACPC follows in regards to seasons changing in the game. It gives a smooth experience just like using your device on PC. Can i change my gender? Can i change my name? Consider any and all of my "new player" questions answered in full. Animal reactions will appear in the "speech bubble" alongside available conversations. It’s understandable this may not be possible always as certain crafting materials are harder to attain than others. Can you guess the new villagers? The Quarry is essentially a “mining” mini-game that has its rewards refresh every 3 hours, coinciding with the 4 exploration zone villager rotations. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the ACPocketCamp community, Your #1 place for the latest campground news in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! The Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has made adjustments to catch rates based on feedback from the Rover’s Garden Safari event. As well, at lv. Essentially, there are 4 locations where you can talk to villagers for requests in the wild. You can pay your loan through the “More -> Loans” menu. Tips, Tricks & Micromanaging condense and renamed to Tips & Tricks. Micromanaging your Campsite; To fully optimize your gameplay, and efficiently / quickly level, you can utilize the campsite and a few tricks to micromanage and level quickly. Though it is random what villagers you unlock, they are still unlocked in specific tiers. They do not disappear until you collect them. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Guide to Flower Breeding, Two Point Hospital JUMBO Edition Releasing For Switch & More, Nintendo Announces Animal Crossing New Horizons Inspired Makeup Line, Story Of Seasons Pioneers Of Olive Town Meet The Bachelors, Super Zoo Story Is An Open World Stardew Valley Inspired Game, 25 Great Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island Tunes, Get Inspired With These Animal Crossing New Horizons Island Entrance Designs, Nintendo Teases Next Animal Crossing New Horizons Update, Spice Up Your Walkway With These Animal Crossing New Horizons Path Borders, Create A Paradise With These Animal Crossing New Horizons Custom Path Designs, Nintendo Introduces Animal Crossing New Horizons Winter Fashion Show. The combination of these trees differs for everyone. These are those, (Times are listed in UTC and 24hr format. Try and level all your Amenities evenly so you don’t get a certain typing stuck at a level cap for too long. In order to obtain rarer and different color seeds, a player must cross-pollinate various flowers together. Though i could be wrong and it could be another reason entirely, i don't know. These differ from other players. This is the data in regards to conversations within the campsite. Furthermore Nintendo has also teased fans of the series. Red Pansy Seeds 7. Cross-pollinating is done by taking an existing harvested flower, tapping a fully bloomed (but not harvested) flower patch, and then select the cross-pollination option. I’d rather say I’m somewhat experienced, for a person that’s been playing since the initial Australian launch and is decently high leveled. What do you mean? The last level (3/5) of each amenity tier, has the visual appearance of the amenity change a bit. The game itself will tell you when you can't hold anymore furniture. An English-translation of a Japanese tweet that covered the varying sizes of fish. This guide was created by me, with the help of many members of the r/ACPocketCamp Discord in regards to compiling all this information. A cool new feature that's been added to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is the ability to view memories that campers have shared with each other. Oh wow, I checked the price of Leaf Tickets and it seems like the 200 (160+40) option is a total scam!! If you buy 100 (80+20) twice, you save a whole penny! Below is a chart of what each location provides, as well as Spawn Chance %'s, where applicable. The other levels are simply filler levels to climb through until you unlock the last tier. Best of luck to you in ACPC! New Resource Link added (Proposed Event Dates), 12/18/2017 Commonly Asked Questions updated as per new update, 12/27/2017 Campsite Conversion Data factors listed, 01/24/2018 Patch Log, Useful Resources, Table of Contents updated, various sections re-ordered, [1.0.3 [uF4Av]] ( - 12/02/2017, 1.1.1b [AxvjS] - 12/27/2017 (Client-Side Update; Removal of Host the Most Wave 2 Timed Goals), 1.1.2b [2J5Bl] - 01/11/2017 (Client-Side Update; Rover's Garden Safari Sample Image Fix), 1.1.3b [bK2ZW] - 01/20/2017 (Client-Side Update; Adjustment to Snowpark Amenity). From here on out, the game is in your hands. The amount of conversations you can have are dependent on how many villagers you have in your camp. Simply go to More -> Settings -> Edit Character. Watch Video. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has finally introduced gardening. 780 from leveling up (10 per level, 79 levels), 50 from My Nintendo Rewards, and 335 from Stretch Goals. Within the game, you’ll see both Timed & Stretch Goals. No, the level cap raise for your villagers is permanently unlocked one you’ve crafted the associated Amenity. Pocket Camp cross-pollination depending on the variations of a free-to-play social simulation mobile game in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has finally introduced gardening. Decorate it however you please! But in the last month, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp rolled out new features that seem strangely counterintuitive to its friendly core, the very thing that attracted me to it in the first place. Check out the Pocket Camp Flower Breeding infographic below. The flowers have hidden genes. As the title states, this is an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (ACPC) mega guide. They’re the Animal in Animal Crossing after all. ⛺️, Press J to jump to the feed. Nope. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Wiki Guide. Villagers are an integral part of the Animal Crossing franchise. Crafting Furniture; It’s best to try and keep all your crafting slots occupied at all times. How many free Leaf Tickets do you get through playing the game? The new villagers appear to be Vesta and Drake. Drake was really was extra easy to tell since I had him in my village and I remember that that was his starter shirt. If you’ve checked out Animal Crossing Pocket Camp lately, you’ll notice a pretty sizeable update: gardening, a beloved core part of the main franchise, is now part of the mobile spinoff. Orange Tulip Seeds 6. 7, 9, and 20, as well as 3 from Stretch Goals. 3 Cool amenity? The second half of the event starts on Feb. 6 at 1 a.m. EST. Thank you for the guide! Please review the rules before posting. You may choose what order you wish to purchase these in, but it’s generally recommended to get all of this, or at least most. The goal is to grow enough of a variety of colors of two different types of flowers — tulips and pansies — to trade with Lloid for special items you can place in your Campsite. I’ll be linking the wiki in certain instances where required / applicable. 3 Cool and then go and Craft a T2 Lv. There’s experience to gain, allowing you to progress in levels and unlock more things, your catalog to complete if you so choose to, and many other things. 5; Amenities are the only way to raise the level cap of your villagers. Top Contributors: Hope Corrigan, Zenayru, Andruidus + more. Below is a large list of Tips & Tricks to utilize to make your life in ACPC easier and more enjoyable. Stretch goals are “long-term” goals for you to accomplish. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp has just added the ability to plant flowers in your Campsite garden. It will only ever be a single animal with a single request, be it you have 1 animal, or 8 in your campsite. My preferred office location is somewhere on a remote island, in the middle of the South Pacific. Tents, hammocks, fireplaces, a stuffed-animal sofa...mix and match to your heart's content! These locations are also where you gather fish, bugs, and fruit. You must then wait a few days, and a possible hybrid may appear. The items for the 4 villagers can be found at any of the 4 locations. If at any moment you can't find what you need, you can always turn to the market boxes of those on your friend's list in hopes of them having what you need. specifications regarding the timer are listed below in Micromanaging. You’ll complete these just by playing and progressing normally so there’s no need to avidly focus on completing them all. Reddit user Mistreil has put together a guide on how to get the color and breed you want. So since the update, the very first screen that appears for me when logging in is a "find the differences" game - two almost identical pictures which, if I'm understanding the visuals correctly, have five subtle differences to find. How many furniture pieces can i place in my campsite? Outside in the 4 exploring locations, a random villager will appear. With that in mind, adjust whom you have in your campsite with your remaining villagers from the pool of villagers you’ve invited. This holds no influence in regards to your game as a whole, but simply which villager your automatically start with, as well as your base starting furniture. To swap villagers, simply enter your campsite and then click on the cat-face icon on the right-hand side. If you so choose, you can aim to 100% it by collecting/crafting every single item there is as of now. As well as some points where you can attempt to micromanage and optimize your gameplay to progress quicker / more efficiently at certain points. Kudos has no use currently, aside from being needed to be done to complete Timed Goals at times. There will be 1 villager in each location. There are multiple ways. You are still able to get the other 3 starting villagers and the furniture associated with them. Such as Extra Camper Paint Jobs, Loans, Market Box Expansion, Inventory Expansion, and more. To invite a villager to your camp, you must finish their requests, which entail crafting + placing specific furniture, as well as getting them to a certain happiness level. Campsite villagers will offer a varying amount of requests / conversation depending on how many villagers you have in your campsite. And maybe you could have a note about the quarry. Data charges may apply. When an amenity is unveiled, it will choose 5 random animals from your camp to receive free additional exp. You can get to 12 for free, and then you can purchase an extra 20 with Leaf Tickets to total 32. More detailed information regarding Player Level and unlocks is here. ⛺️ Press J to jump to the feed. Your campsite is one of your main attractions. As your level up in player level, you will unlock more and more villagers. Unlike other Animal Crossing games, to attain furniture in here you can purchase a select few from the Marketplace, but the rest you must craft. Friend Powder is obtained from Timed Goals, watering at a friend's garden, and a friend cross-pollinating at your garden. o.O. If you have a purple already, repeatedly breeding either of Lloid's seeds with it again and again (breeding the resulting seeds against it, too) will eventually get you a decent amount of purples if you persevere. Since Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp is a smartphone game, with micro-transactions as business model, it’s going to get various events and content updates on a regular basis. Pocket Camp is no exception. You get 1165 free Leaf Tickets. From there, click on the + sign where the villager used to be. These bugs were added on June 29, 2020, and removed on September 9, 2020, when they were replaced by fall bugs (except the saw stag, which still remained available). I would love to enter this giveaway! In regards to being a Free-to-Play player, you’re limited to a small pool of Leaf Tickets. Is there any benefit to 'rerolling' for a better start? Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp’s level up system provides some pretty significant incentives to keep players coming back for more. Sadly, no. Haven't test it to make sure tbh. The crossover items from Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp are now available to grab in Animal Crossing: New Horizons on Switch.. To do this, you’ll need a Pocket Camp … Myself and others simply label these as uncommons due to how common they can be, The times above are listed in 24hr time format, Seeing 00:00-24:00 essentially means that these fish/bugs are available 24/7. Do i need to keep an amenity in my campsite to keep the level cap raised? For the link to the tweet regarding it, go here, Animal Resources + Game Timers Infographic. Villagers love flowers, and flower breeding is a fun and simple way to grow their favorites. Read our hybrid flower breeding guide on Animal Crossing New Horizon Switch (ACNH). Will the cap raise bonus disappear? Jun 21, 2020 - Welcome to the Animal Crossing subreddit! 12/05/2017 ACPC-Lingo section removed. These flower seeds have fixed cross pollination patterns so you're guaranteed to get the hybrid color you want.. Cross Pollinate Native Flowers. How many Villagers are in the game currently? You get 1 each time a villager hits Lv. Implemented bug fixes. You’ll firstly want to place any animals that you either have that are maxed, or not beneficial to you currently within your campsite. 10/15, villagers will provide a special request, each of them unlocking a new furniture for you to craft. Collectible Fruit. Sparkle Stones are obtained through reaching certain milestones, and you can currently only obtain a certain amount. Event dates of all past + upcoming events, Infographic illustrating a simplified look at cross-pollination for tulips, done by bluesun, Detailed guide regarding how to get all Tulips by /u/Takeshim, Infographic illustrating a simplified look at cross-pollination for pansies, done by bluesun, Detailed guide regarding how to get all Pansies by /u/Takeshim, /r/ACPocketCamp Twitter | /r/ACPocketCamp Discord, Twitter + Discord for the r/ACPocketCamp subreddit, ACPocketNews Twitter | ACPocketNews Discord, Twitter + Discord for ACPocketNews, a section of NinMobileNews, ACPC Official English Website | ACPC Official English Twitter, Official English Website + Twitter for ACPC, ACPC Official Japanese Website | ACPC Official Japanese Twitter, Official Japanese Website + Twitter for ACPC. While your choice of starting theme isn't critical, it might be worth mentioning that choosing the cute theme gives you some of the basic lovely furniture for free. Luckily, Tom Nook is not in charge of it this time. Friends visiting you see this foremost, and your villagers interact with it. The benefits to adding friends are as follow: Having a larger pool of players to send Quarry Help Requests too so you can get your 1 free sessions a day done, Wider variety of Market Boxes to view to attain any fish, bugs, or fruits you may urgently need to fulfill a villager request at that time, Making money from selling goods in your Market Box to your friends, as well as earning 100/10 Bells from “Lending a Hand” to those that request Quarry Help from you. People tend to prioritize inventory or market over one another as well, so that choice is yours too. Cooldowns / Timers; There are a decent amount of cooldowns / timers you’ll want to keep track of while playing ACPC. During the summer bug update, some previously available bugs, such as the fruit beetle, were removed. There was a bit i had forgotten to add yesterday. If that makes sense! Now you can play your favorite Android games on PC or laptop with BlueStacks, the premier Android gaming platform for Windows and Mac. You can place both of their basic furnitures in your campsite, but only 1 of them will appear at a time. 1 from the Christmas Event, and 1 from the New Year’s Event. Keen to start on the 22nd and I'll be sure to look back at this again. Currently only the new characters’ silhouettes, so Nintendo wants to keep fans guessing for the time being. It's a good idea to keep balance of villagers or else you will end up with a lot of metal and no cotton for instance. I’ll be going into detail in certain areas, and others I won’t as there are wikis that provide said information. Within ACPC, you’re able to do requests for your villagers, hold simple conversations, and even invite them into your campground. Bells will drop from 1 of those trees, once per day. Clicking on a villager sitting right behind a piece of furniture or another villager can be quite difficult at times. Lloid sells the following types of seeds for 80 Bells each: 1. For instance, a Red Tulip (from Lloid) will always have Red/Yellow genes. Item | Rarity | Typical Market Box Price (Bells) | Recommended Stack Size, | :-: | - | - Apple, Peach, Orange, Pear, Cherry | Common | 20-50 | 3-10 Coconut | Common | 0 (Far too common for people to really want to buy most times) | - Coral Conch Shell, Scallop Shell | Common | 20-50 | 3-10 Horse Mackerel, Squid, Olive Flounder | Common | 20-50 | 3-10 Fruit Beetle, Tiger Butterfly, Monarch Butterfly | Common | 20-50 | 3-10 Pale Chub, Crucian Carp, Yellow Perch | Common | 20-50 | 3-10 Red Snapper | Uncommon | 200-500 | 1-3 Horned Dynastid | Uncommon | 200-500 | 1-3 Black Bass | Uncommon | 200-500 | 1-3 Blowfish, Football Fish, Tuna | Rare | -- (Has no current use thus not worth selling/buying in Marketbox) | - Miyama Stag, Jewel Beetle, Emperor Butterfly | Rare | -- (Has no current use thus not worth selling/buying in Marketbox) | - Rainbow Trout, Koi | Rare | -- (Has no current use thus not worth selling/buying in Marketbox) | -. Thus, you may seem to have more conversations than you should with said animal count, but in reality that is just you also having animals that are going to have a cutscene-reaction to a furniture/amenity, Animal Requests within the campsite do not appear on the "speech bubble", You will only ever get 1 request per campsite rotation. This becomes more important later on in regards to micromanaging to level quickly / efficiently, or farm resources. Excellent work! Interacting with Friends Visit a friend's campsite and give them kudos, and you'll earn friend powder, a valuable type of craft material. In regards to both Calling Cards & Request Tickets, there are certain restrictions to them. The Animal Crossing ™: New Horizons is available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems. No, you don’t have to keep the furniture in the campsite after having invited a villager. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 4.0.2 Update. The current max level is 79 based off of calculation. Note: All Commons & Uncommons are items that are requested by villagers. As the title states, this is an Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp (ACPC) mega guide. This amounts to 156 total Sparkle Stones you can currently obtain. Animal Crossing: New Horizons offers more possibilities than ever, and there are many ways to explore island life. This can be done to maximize EXP gains, or to farm a specific craft material. Note: There have been Sparkle Stones that players have been able to obtain during holiday events. Yes, you can change your gender now. It is located adjacent to the player's campsite, and is accessible by following the path leading off-screen just below the player's camper. Red Tulip Seeds 8. Sir, you deserve a million of kudos for this extensive guide! 20 Villagers do not request them. r/ACPocketCamp: Your #1 place for the latest campground news in Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp! Nook will simply sleep in his chair. Red Rose Seeds 4. When lending a hand to someone in a quarry, you also do earn something in return. If for instance, you want to level villagers, place all your villagers that are either currently maxed, or far from leveling in your campsite. You do not need to have the amenity displayed in your campsite to have the max level raised. Each loan is to provide an expansion to your camper. It is recommended that you prioritize quarries in this order for rewards: Craft Material (Cotton, Preserves, Paper, Wood, Steel). 2020-12-17. If you want your garden to stand out, you will have to cross pollinate your beautiful plants! Do the requests from an animal at your campsite also follow the 3 hour reset from speech bubble conversations, or do they have their own timer? Like furniture, there is a limit. As well as game timers in UTC. Set up a merry-go-round and open a theme park. There indeed is. Show More. Since you can only keep 8 in there at a time, put the "worst" 8 there. Bells from Trees; Shake every tree that doesn’t carry a fruit once per day. During gardening events, players can grow limited edition flowers and capture creatures in their garden. Choose to play however you want. The Market Box is your own personal shop for you to sell any fish, bugs, or fruit you may have. Also did you list the rare fish and bugs to sell and the ones you want to keep ? | - | - 1 | Apollo, Rosie, Goldie, Jay, Filbert 2 | Cherry 3 | Tex, Lily, Beau, Bunnie, Butch, Eloise, Bluebear, Goose, Vesta, Ava, Boots 4 | Kid Cat, Ketchup, Bud, Apple, Maggie, Tad, Punchy, Sandy, Carrie, Chrissy, Antonio, Phoebe, Drake, Mitzi, June, Sprinkle, Static 5 | Alfonso, Angus, Hopkins, Flip, Kyle, Bitty, Hamlet, Roald, Moe, Rex, Roscoe, Angus, Fauna, Peanut, Cheri, Stella, Peewee, Charlise, Raddle, Marshal, Avery. Covering everything there possibly is about ACPC. Thank you so very much for the information on cross pollinating flowers . Every day you’re given a new set of 3 timed goals, each with a different task and varying rewards. You will only see the 10 Bells appear after a Daily Refresh. Your MyNintendo points can be used to exchange for OK Motors Clothing, Bells, and Crafting Materials. All animals start with a Level cap of 7. Non-seasonal flower seeds cost 80 Bells each, which currently include the … Select whomever you want, invite them, and then hit confirm. Even Lv. Basically, evening/night. This is AWESOME !!! Note, the flowers do not have to be the same colour. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp; Find the differences? This allows you to get Agnes or Bitty in your camp without needing Peanut to unlock crafting the basic lovely table first. | - 10,000 | 1st Floor Expansion (8x12) 30,000 | 2nd Floor Addition (8x8) 50,000 | 2nd Floor Expansion (8x12) 100,000 | 1st Floor Expansion (10x12) 150,000 | 1st Floor Expansion (10x16) 200,000 | 2nd Floor Expansion (10x12) 250, 000 | 2nd Floor Expansion (10x16), For more details on your loans, as well as your camper in general, go here. Yellow Dandelion Seeds 2. Last Edited: 6 Nov 2017 10:21 am. According to a tweet by Isabelle more villagers are on the way to Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

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