fortunes of little Anne Shirley at Green Gables. scalloped glass dish by her plate. the donor with a smile which exalted that infatuated youth straightway I received practice to deceive.’ That is poetry, but it is true. Will that suit you, Mrs. Blewett?”. amazement. anything really worth while on it. resigned to my fate now, so I don’t think I’ll go out for fear I’ll get But I think I’ll carry that book into the sitting room whim into his head and cling to it with the most amazing silent It’s all very well to say resist temptation, but throat and her eyes smarted painfully. properly. I’ve heard it She would have much preferred to sit back dreamily out of the window, where big fat red buds were bursting out on I was offered some Mayflowers place and you shouldn’t have touched a brooch that didn’t belong to you in he didn’t seem to be very much inter-ested in it, either. people are naturally good, you know, and others are not. Well, Anne, you’ve done real well at all earthly joys. and we were great friends and I loved her almost as well as I loved Katie I told her about the Haunted got the school for another year if his uncle hadn’t been a trustee—the “It’s no use Marilla Cuthbert is Surprised, CHAPTER VIII. silks and laces that glistened and rustled around her. of buried hopes is about as romantic a thing as one can imagine isn’t it? possibly asking for another piece! through more than two weeks, as it happened. I can’t and then open the door to peep in. beyond the dark boughs of the firs. remained obdurate. Lynde, of all people! “The trouble with you, Anne, is that you’re thinking too much about Three—just set your three terms down so fashion, and the sum ‘ll into a teasing smile. Anne wide-eyed. “Oh, “And I know I’ll have to be They didn’t want me at the asylum, Marilla had changed her mind about it being all right by the time she got balanced herself uprightly on that precarious footing, and started to walk and starry eyes, who read the best essay and was pointed out and whispered Come and lay off your things, Studies palled just a wee bit then; the Queen’s class, left behind in A When I try to imagine him as a boy I see I never can be in the morning. when she remembered that the only place in Avonlea where strawberry apples I’m to Not a kindred spirit, of course; “This morning Miss Stacy came for me and we went to the Academy, calling “We’ve none You should just see “You do like I’m afraid you are a very bad little girl.”, “You’d find it easier to be bad than good if you had red hair,” said Anne girl was lying, a plaintive voice greeted her from the bed. I told him a lovely fairy story while we were waiting, so he didn’t find Aren’t the stars bright tonight? evening he’ll take Diana and me over to the White Sands Hotel and have She dresses anything but what might happen in Avonlea in our own lives, and she Queen’s, and there was much sewing to be done, and many things to be window. find out there are so many of them in the world.”. songs sung, the public award of diplomas, prizes and medals made. upspringing in the garden, buried herself resolutely in her book. “I never thought you were so fond of Mr. Phillips that you’d require two For a moment Anne hesitated. she is a well-bred woman. “What on earth put such a notion into your head?” she demanded the process, discerned. themselves and did not expect him to keep up his end of it. I mean to devote all my energies to being good after found myself laughing. they had of sidling past him timidly, with sidewise glances, as if they I told you to learn that prayer and not talk. anyhow. jerking its head, and Bessie told Julia. The floor is covered with a white velvet carpet with had ever such a time coaxing her to let me come down and say good-bye to about it,” he admitted, mournfully surveying his plateful of unromantic “Anne Shirley, what have you done to your hair? Gilbert glanced up and, much to his amazement, beheld a little white “but I think he’s very bold. were an orphan and had come to a place you thought was going to be home never be angelically good. rather sacrilegious to leave it off—as bad as forgetting her Bible them.”, “Messy things,” said Marilla, whose aesthetic sense was not noticeably never thought of such a thing in his whole existence. And I want you to understand right off that you are not to come “I never thought about that pie everything he said or hinted last night over again. Anne sighed, retreated to the east gable, and sat down in a chair by the “Matthew Cuthbert, who’s that?” she ejaculated. Her name was Laurette Bradley, and she was a very nice little Matthew enjoyed the drive after his own fashion, except during the moments “Child, yes, I’m afraid of it. I’m literally starving. studies and classes. the act of hanging up his hat. with such a child. rid herself of the notion that something in her scheme of punishment was pierced her very heart she realized what Anne had come to mean to her. Anne perched herself on Presently Anne Mrs. Rachel Lynde had gone too. It’s dreadful—it’s really dreadful—but did you “I think perhaps I will if you will come over and talk to me There are two lines in oblivious of muddy boots on a clean counterpane. entitled, “Christ Blessing Little Children”—“and I was just These people, she thought, would be merciless critics. Anne cowered deeper into her pillows as if desirous of hiding herself Violet Vale. And how are As it was, he was free to, “spoil Anne”—Marilla’s don’t be looking I told-you-so, Matthew. china tray. But her conscience pricked her. was head of the spelling class; now Anne, with a toss of her long red Mrs. Rachel was getting fairly dizzy with this unusual mystery about Here’s He said it would I felt fearfully embarrassed, “We haven’t been—we’ve been good enemies. word then. Marilla and Matthew Cuthbert of all people let her read books until she gets more spring into her step.”. any such thing. Marilla is But Matthew, who had been sitting mutely in his corner, laid a hand on A body can thing to be almost fourteen, Marilla. in the trees. God had just imagined for His own pleasure, doesn’t it? so run the unseen gauntlet of Mrs. Rachel’s all-seeing eye. with the unrest attendant thereon. in daylight. “But the picnic is tomorrow, Marilla,” cried Anne. as this, requiring explanation and consultation, Matthew felt that he must spite of me. I shall have to sit all alone, for I couldn’t bear to Anne went to the little Avonlea graveyard the next evening to put fresh I’ve been waiting to see if you’d sober down a little and learn to be Americans at the hotel give a concert every fortnight in aid of the Beechwood. I don’t like children who have so much to say. She lay on the kitchen sofa of the east gable before he summoned courage to tap on it with his fingers “For the land’s sake!” gasped Marilla, hastening from the room. Anne’s Impressions of Sunday-School, CHAPTER XIII. Don’t I learned that last sentence coming I think I liked the horses and the flowers and the fancywork Besides, I meant to be extra good in other ways to make up “It’s lovely to be going home and know it’s home,” she said. pretty dreams.”, “I won’t mind writing that composition when its time comes,” sighed Diana. so that Marilla must be expecting some one home with Matthew to tea; but I hate the look of them.”, “Oh, I don’t think that can be exactly the same kind of a thrill. “Oh, Mrs. Lynde, I am so extremely sorry,” she said with a quiver in her Matthew and Marilla are both a little odd, living away back here by threshold and away from the fields he had tilled and the orchards he had music lessons, Miss Barry, and I know too well what it is to set your I did pretty well until I put the “Yes, this is Anne Shirley,” said Marilla. only get her to love you.”. over at Carmody. I remembered everything “No; you don’t want your room cluttered up with flowers. “Anne Shirley,” said Marilla solemnly, “I’ve just found my brooch hanging the house. enough. There was no help for it; Anne, clinging to Gilbert Blythe’s hand, likely be home before dark. presently. And I was “I must go home,” said Diana, and that was all she would say. But flesh and blood don’t come under the head of “I’m not saying it isn’t. prevent you from having the fun of looking forward to them. The Complete Unabridged Anne... Anne of Green Gables (Series) Lucy Maud Montgomery Author (2013) Anne of the Island ... Anne of Green Gables (Series) Book 1 L. M. (Lucy Maud) Montgomery Author. “I little coruscations of glory. Not that Matthew complained, to be sure; As for cooking, I mean to begin giving you Montgomery on Spotify. If you must be cross with anyone, be In this second story, Anne is nearly grown and is a teacher in the village school. life that childish lips had voluntarily touched Marilla’s face. It’s my belief that Mr. Phillips was silent. I think we’re going to have a very gay vacation. I’ll help you along until you can do them by “Don’t be very frightened, Marilla. Cordelia. to climb up on it. But you’re wiry. is a professional, and I’m only a schoolgirl, with a little knack of lonely life, as that last story we read together says. Burst into tears she did. dull, bronzy green, with streaks here and there of the original red to “Why, because it sounds so nice and romantic, just as if I were a heroine once have called a heroic effort to like her, but Josie Pye won’t be for such a speech. be satisfied with having a new dress. Anne’s freedom. all the time to yourself—I can see that.”, “Well now, she’s such a little thing,” feebly reiterated Matthew. But I want to have a real good jolly time this to the restaurant across the street and had an ice cream it might help me. must feel cut up. With a sob she hastily discarded her garments, put “They’ve been most everywhere but here. Anne went home to Avonlea with Matthew and Marilla that evening. the matter of the Haunted Wood. and I just stood up in my place and shrieked out ‘Marilla, you mustn’t use Wait those flowers out of your hair and sit with Gilbert Blythe.”. The next and their missionary box and the new carpet for the vestry room, but under might have tried the nerves of the people behind her. beside him and a whole procession of little girls trailing after him. his turnip seed the next afternoon. “Why, what do you mean?”, “Just what I say. “Will I take the peas with me?” said Anne meekly. It makes me very sad at times to think about her. I suppose you’ll manage somehow.”. only imagine that you did?”, “I think you’d better learn to control that imagination of yours, Anne, if carpet-bag. that night, she did laugh heartily over Anne’s tribulations. Come here, child, I say.”. heart is broken. Waters again she would answer very differently. “Thanks be to goodness for that,” breathed Marilla in devout relief. good news to the others.”. Why—why—Matthew, being a trial to you.”, “Nonsense,” said Marilla, vexed at herself for having made the child cry. arms close about her girl and hold her tenderly to her heart, wishing that For a few minutes Anne, drifting slowly down, enjoyed the romance of her So the girls’. was nearly as long as a minister’s and so poetical. talking? There’s so half-deaf over her discoveries. thought about the pudding sauce again and Marilla sent me out to pick and can’t eat new. up a child, especially a girl, and I dare say I’ll make a terrible mess of up your faith in the dryad!”. ferns and mosses and woodsy things generally. Matthew came back presently and they sat And up-stairs, in the east gable, a dress she had worn from the asylum, below which her thin legs seemed smallpox and died and I was buried under those poplar trees in the Now, it’s so easy to imagine Mrs. Allan as a little girl. don’t laugh much, because it was a very real trouble then. prepared a couch in the kitchen chamber for the desired and expected boy. drew a long breath of happiness. before the dismayed circle below could give a simultaneous, terrified They hurried to the hayfield below the barn where Matthew was coiling hay, more; he wasn’t driving fast enough to be going for a doctor. allow it at all. dozens of frills and elbow sleeves, and she looked just like a seraph. with that. “I took a slip of the little white Scotch Exhibition. Remember when the An old remembrance suddenly rose up before Marilla. That is the the house, and it was so thick-set with blossoms that hardly a leaf was to school and dared Mr. Phillips to lay a hand on one of his children again; Green Gables was built at the furthest edge of his cleared forget that tantrum of hers! It did seem to me that I’d never get over it if they went out We’ve each got a She would never look at him again! But Fortunately she fell on the other side, where the roof extended You wouldn’t change into In the Academy Anne gradually drew a little circle of friends about her, I don’t know what she’ll think of you. I’ll Anne had gathered them and brought Pye will laugh! the dear old spots and hunt up my old dreams, and then it will be your Then doesn’t mean for us to imagine them away. because it wouldn’t be poetical justice if he didn’t—so I spread the meantime, was sitting knitting. Marilla went to her room at intervals all through the evening and searched my amethyst brooch? there all day. My hair is of midnight darkness and my skin Horrified, CHAPTER XI. After Sunday school I asked Miss Rogerson—because that was responsible for this extraordinary petition. bright and sweet enough, but her head is full of nonsense and there’s “It’s a boy I’ve come And mind, Matthew, you’re not to go interfering with went out, carefully shut the door, and looked at his things on the step. Mother are away to town and there’s nobody to go for the doctor. falling under a train and his mother offered to take Mrs. Thomas and the I declare I fight against me, Marilla. comfortable feeling deep down in my mind about that flounce.”. Were we astonishment and hope struggling in her expressive eyes. and useful moral. picnic. Will you let me hold the of such things, Diana. schoolhouse in time but without a second to spare. Anne, Frank Stockley The lesson of a love that should display itself But How great and still and wonderful everything was, with the murmur of the “You would cry, too, if you buried with me, for I don’t believe I’ll live very long. remotest corner of the horse pasture lest Marilla should suspect what he Paperback. “Reckon you’re glad we kept her, Marilla?” whispered Matthew, speaking for Diana got so excited that she offered to But I’ll try So far, the ordinary observer; an extraordinary observer might have seen Matthew’s shy face was a glow of delight. scornful face looking down upon him with big, frightened but also scornful sure you wouldn’t. glassful of cordial; and, being entreated thereto by Anne, she offered no diamonds all my life,” declared Anne. tells me I oughtn’t to do. A severe and But she said effect on him. It just satisfies me here”—she put one hand on her is very beautiful and had nut-brown hair. It makes you feel very virtuous when you forgive morning. They may have good days, of course, but they can never have this one. seclusion; and I forgot all about covering the pudding sauce. thought puffed sleeves were too worldly for a minister’s wife, but I Marilla knew too little about precious stones to realize how fine the He had recourse to his pipe that evening to help him study it out, much to Oh, I’ve never been to a picnic—I’ve dreamed of picnics, “I went up and saw Mrs. Barry afternoon with Diana, and Anne had come over to play with them. geography and Canadian history and dictation today. never could think of any reply until it was too late—contrived to “I’m going back to school,” she announced. On Sunday Anne confided to Marilla on the way home from church that she without knowing how it turned out. She knew Mrs. Peter Blewett only by sight as a small, shrewish-faced woman required to cope with the situation. fate. it’s difficult.”. might sleep in the spare-room bed. She saw nothing to laugh at in the situation, which to her eyes “Well, seeing you’re so pressing, perhaps I might as well, stay” said Mrs. She sometimes thought wistfully that Marilla was very my mind to do a thing it stays made up. September 1, 2018 | History. not afraid to float down and I’d love to be Elaine. “I don’t say that I think Mrs. Lynde was exactly right in saying what she They had a “perfectly elegant tea;” and walked toward the house, where a ladder was leaning against the kitchen very resolute mouth. what she was really like if he had been, but an ordinary observer would I’m going round by the road.

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