Steamy Satanic Zoidberg and his army of Satanic Frankenstein Monsters - 100% Mang_Kanor, August 1st, 2020 Demilich’s sole album is a masterpiece that blends proficient technical oddity with ridiculous camp, wrapped between some slimy, gummy, earworm that was way ahead of everyone's ears. That sounds like something only possible in the silly microcosmic world of Cannibal Corpse. Darauf loteten die Finnen 1993 die Grenzen des Death Metals aus. Rasputin, what are the other two in your top 3? In short, the package is an exemplary geek-out, the perfect epitaph for a band as alien as Demilich. Demilich: Nespithe ‎ (LP, Ltd, RE, RM, Gre) Xtreem Music: XM 060 LP: Spain: 2009: Sell This Version: Recommendations Reviews Add Review [r3057305] Release. While Florida's Cynic was mixing its own cocktail of death metal, jazz fusion, and prog, over in Finland, Demilich was twisting death metal convention in its own bizarre and unprecedented way. Never before has melodic interplay been so dissonant and chaotic, but yet beautiful in its own strange way. The riffs throughout the entire album are without a doubt abrasive, and might even deter first time listeners altogether. We’ve covered the 5 greatest death metal albums of 1989, 1990, 1991 and 1992 and 1993 found death metal continuing on its all-conquering path, resulting in a collection of releases that would go down in history as classics of the genre!. Burp. It was really just heavy and strong music, yet standard. While most certainly mired within the confines of what we would label as death metal, Demilich took the familiar ingredients of the genre and forged something unmistakably unique with them. Virnes is by no means a slouch, he is infact a double bass freak, not so much his speed, yet the fact he enjoys giving it a go at every opportunity. Erecshyrinol. Genre: Heavy Metal, Artiest: Demilich, Media type: CD Its also difficult to express just how fucking great it is. --- Originally written for An amorphous horror creeping towards your brain, devouring your will to live along the way, letting you sink into a nice safe zone to be devoured by this album eternally. While there’s certainly a proper method at work with these riffs, they sound liberated from conventional scales, pairing notes that wouldn’t normally go together. It was released on now defunct Necropolis Records and despite falling on relatively deaf ears, one of the greatest death metal records of all time. Sadly, this was their only full-length. In fact, even the double-bass is used somewhat sparingly. How this was not uncovered sooner is beyond me, I mean when Xtreem Music released this several years ago not sure why Demilich would not have dug up the true masters back then. I don't know what possessed these drunk Finnish guys to write this mind-warping record, but I'm really glad they did. It all creates a certain aesthetic flow that can only be compared to the beauty of the workings of the universe themselves. Now apart from Aki Hytonen's amazing guitar work, what shines the most about this album are the drums. Another surprising part is the location in which the band originates from: Finland. Identifiable recursive song structures are nonexistent. However, Demilich will never be forgotten with the release of 1993's "Nespithe". They're awesome to read. At this point I begin to wonder if Demilich are even human and not a bunch of exiled aliens because frankly some of the tempo changes have to be heard to be believed. What if we had our vocalist belch his parts? It's meant to be listened to simply as a work of art and not an outlet for metalheads' aggression. Tapping into the same pool of insight as neoclassical composers Krzysztof Penderecki and Gyorgy Ligeti, the guitar harmonies are unsettling, as if the two melodic lines are pulling in the opposite directions. In all these years of listening to metal, death metal was the genre that took the longest for me to come to enjoy. Demilich have accumulated a myriad of fans and critics (thusly exposure) on the basis of how, in almost every effect, they are truly unique. Their implementation of atonal licks and riffs uses a lot string skipping which help in their really off sounding grooves (And not a lot of dissonance, as compared to the other bands associated with Demilich). The titular musician is beset by the floundered student, and attempts to explain to him all of his troubles, but is overcome by the music so much that he is killed by the other forces, but is playing his melodies even after death, to ward his corpse of evils. Until I have seen Annti's live mic-rig, and heard them play live, I will maintain that they are pitch shifted a full step down. Everything about the album is shrouded in obscurity: The winding, atonal guitar melodies, the unpredictable song structures, the ridiculously deep burpy vocals of Antti Boman, the disturbing yet intriguing album cover, the nonsensical song names and lyrics, it’s all made … You see, when one is stuck in that Metallica-based frame of mind, it's difficult to appreciate death metal (or black metal, or grindcore, etc...) as music. DOWNLOAD OPTIONS download 11 files . This album is beyond bizarre, abstract and just pure fucking chaos. True bizarreness is something to be treasured, and it is for this reason that so many death metal fans hold Demilich’s only full-length album so dearly. Ordinarily it’s dealt with from the perspective of a criminologist, callous and apathetic, like an autopsy. Demilich is a technical death metal band. Ok, now I got my excessively descriptive sentence out of the way. The production work on this albums also adds to this feel with the sound being very clear but also deep and still retaining an ancient feel similar to other death metal bands of the legendary era. While it’s not true that all death metal sounds alike, it could certainly stand to be less true – and this is not a call for flutes or jazz or… Hell forbid, Egyptian music. That said, for me, they don't add a huge amount, reason being that they are undecipherable and, more importantly, the music is so captivating, so all consuming, that I barely hear the vocals. It's not exactly aesthetically pleasing or exciting in any traditional senses, and it won't strike anyone as "heavy fucking metal," but it is so weird that not acquiring it through whatever means (it's free for download) will leave you incomplete. Production: Pretty boxy but allright, clear at least. It's dumbfounding, but that's the power of amazing songwriting. The problem is that from a neutral viewpoint, amazing quality aside, it isn't very easy to sell this album to those not familiar with it. I would go through the album giving some sort of a relative description song by song, but I think I lack the words (and the energy) to really capture whatever this album is. Nothing could be a greater mistake than avoiding what is being presented on this record based on what its surface elements look like on paper. The vocals, courtesy of Antti Boman, sound like the belching of some frog-like abomination from deep within the bowels of the earth. Nespithe, an Album by Demilich. The drum and guitar sound are perfect and the mix is perfectly complimented by that inhuman voice. Note the bizarre, surreal song titles as well. I'm all about obscure and experimental music, like the aforementioned three bands - and I appreciate songs like Inherited Rowel Levitation - Reduced Without Any Effort, The Echo (Replacement), And You'll Remain... (In Pieces in Nothingness), and the instrumental track, Erecshyrinol (the joke being "No Lyrics Here" - and that the vocalist, Antti Boman threw in some of his feral-like ugly noises and death growls) that offered such groove in the music, it matches the soundtrack of freaking DOOM, but Demilich didn't have my undivided attention. The drums, courtesy of Mikko Virnes, change patterns frequently, use unusual patterns, and usually fire on all cylinders. The clear guitar sound, and the excellent production in general, lets everything be heard down to the last detail. For example, the vocal work on this album is just insane. DEMILICH - Nespithe (TS) T-shirt High Quality Silkscreen Print, 10 Colors, Big Front Image Band: DEMILICH Title: Nespithe Condition: new Colour: Black Material: Cotton 100% Ask for other sizes ----- - Registered worldwide airmail shipping with tracking number - Safe packaging (00:00) When the Sun Drank the Weight of Water02. With the bass guitar virtually non-existent it really is the rhythm guitar and drums which are the backbone of this recording. Hey, whoever said that the abstract realm was a pretty place anyway? It was released on now defunct Necropolis Records and despite falling on relatively deaf ears, one of the greatest death metal records of all time. PROG REVIEWER. Combined with the level of intelligence and creativity seen in the songtitles, it was enough for an interest to be piqued. Mikko Virnes puts in a great performance, easily mixing jazz-orientated rhythms with blast beats and doom-outs. This release is inspiration for bands we know today such as Spawn of Possession, Sulaco, Carpharnaum, and later era Gorguts. 2011-10-13 UMUR "Nespithe" is the debut full-length studio album by Finnish death metal act Demilich. From the opening riff and double bass section on the first track you get the idea that with most of these songs being released in the early 90’s on the demos, this band was ahead of their time. To me, the demo tapes were old slabs of beef, and the music were the maggots slowly eating away at the decaying flesh. This is complex in a way that the actual techniques are simple, and the riffs aren't all that fast, but the way the riffs are constructed makes it so damn hard to play, and incredibly strange to hear, all the while not sounding too much like technical wankery and keeping an interesting variance to them. Obviously learning music theory is recommended as not everyone are quite as gifted as musicians as Mr. Boman is. They certainly do manage to obtain a sense of chaos with their unpredictable arrangements, but they never just throw in random riffs for their own sake. Necropolis, 1993 This album deserves nothing less than 100% in my book, because it is nothing less than perfect. Printed on both sides Base: Fruit of the Loom ... Write a review. The Echo (Replacement) Nespithe 14,99 € Classic Adversary T-shirt 15,99 € Logo T-shirt 14,99 € Em9t2ness of van2s1ing / V34ish6ng 0f emptiness 2LP - 1st pressing! Seriously, though, the vocals here are literally the most unique vocals in all of metal. Ja, LIK mich fett, ist das ein Brett! Holy shit, this guy drums as if he was an epileptic having a seizure, with incredibly weird tempo changes, blasting away just to crawl to a slow pace the very next second. Seriously, this may seem inaccessible at first, but once you get used to it, you’ll realize how fucking catchy these riffs are! ERP038; Cassette). Review: Demilich hold true to the melodic tradition of Finnish metal by merging the heavy metal tradition of rich tonal space liberated by abstract conceptions of harmony with death metal, layering their ideas into songs where complexity silhouettes but does not illustrate an overall thematic space via postmodernist metastructuralism. The rhythms ebb and flow with fluidity like a river current, much unlike the straightforward rampage you would expect to hear from a death metal album over twenty years old. Heh, it's an abstract concept. Does this title mean that someone inherited the ability to shit into the toilet without sitting down? To make it simpler, I'll just say that the vocals sound similar to that of grindcore bands or experimental brutal death metal bands like Wormed. Nespithe is a technical death metal music album recording by DEMILICH released in 1993 on CD, LP/Vinyl and/or cassette. I mean, look again at that album cover, look at the fucker on the far left, he looks like a Terminator. It sounds organic, pleasantly murky, and just crisp enough to showcase the technical finesse of the riffs themselves. The melodic interplay is almost alien, expressing all things abnormal, chaotic and, well, abstract. Review Demilich Nespithe. Cult Of Lilith. This may be tricky music, but it doesn’t sound forced, or like a demonstration. Insanity is a standard theme in metal and especially in death metal. Solos aren't exceptional as one would have hoped, yet I wouldn't have expected anything like Malmsteen on this record, instead you have highly anti melodic stances and sporadic appearances of what might appear to be a solo. What a disgusting beast of an album released by Demilich back in 1993. Sure, Scream Bloody Gore and Altars of Madness still earn respect and admiration from contemporary ears (and rightfully so), but they’ve since been trumped in terms of their heaviness and commitment to perversity. I suppose otherworldly best describes these riffs, but even then I feel that isn't quite the right way to phrase it. It's hilarious how accessible and catchy this is. However Demilich have recently uncovered the original source 24 track master recording and now Nespithe gains the ultimate true remaster, which appears on the 1 st disc of this 2cd limited pressing. Cryptworm – Reeking Gunk of Abhorrence (2020) | REVIEW Merging the competitive sport of primitive drop-tuned, filth-choked death grooves with singularly resolved Demilich ian six-angled concepts this Bristol, England stationed death metal duo re-emerge from a complex web of slime and hair with a far more substantive and memorable second EP. I guess its safe to say that Nespithe is the soundtrack to the cosmos. Well, Demilich kindly objected to that generalization, and created a highly dissonant album with convoluted song structures and an atmosphere that is unlike anything in death metal. Burps? The vocals are also one thing of note. Drumming is not the most complex thing in the world, but its just exactly were it needs to be, and there is no senseless wanking off. The atmosphere itself makes up for the production, drumming, and guitar issues (and the vocal confusion). Then the show of atonal riffing and amazing drum work continues, dragging you into a totally different dimension. There are no other bands that have come close to creating something at all similar to what these fine folks in Finland have done, especially on their first full length. There a lot of tempo changes throughout the album and many in every song. Alive AG Nespithe. 0; Weight: 170.00 g. Band: Demilich. Demilich have opted to completely ditch the idea of creating riffs which would induce a physical seizure (unlike Morbid Angel or Sepultura) yet favored a much more pragmatic, and dare I say, musically profound approach which does not rest on any single instrument. It's really a shame that Demilich is no longer around to make more crazy music like this, but then again, that would spoil the novelty of this album, wouldn't it? However that is all but a small complaint. If you’ve gotten past your “I hate harsh vocals” stage of n00b-dom as a metal fan, then this really isn’t as inaccessible as some make it out to be. Technical death metal appears to have found some kind of new leese of life recently, with most "promising" new death metal bands having a ridiculously squeaky clean production and having lots of fun playing scales at break-neck speed. This album really is like none other. It's the voice of a subconscious mind. Although an acquired taste, the belching gutturals are eerie like nothing else. I won't compare this band to Death but it seems they only had one album and Death had several. This album very well may be as far away as one can get from the conventions of death metal and still be called death metal. Back in the day, you'd find death metal bands rising mostly from Florida and New York states, England, and Sweden, respectively. Album Rating: 5.0Yeah, what the hell? Released 31 August 2018 on Extremely Rotten (catalog no. Released 31 August 2018 on Extremely Rotten (catalog no. What it would ultimately take for me to garner an interest in death metal was to see the genre from an entirely different perspective. Download the album, check it out and then please seek out a proper copy of the album - you won't be disappointed. Despite of the album’s mythological status of it being too weird and inaccessible for the normal ear, I would gleefully say the opposite. Just try and listen to this album with your eyes closed without feeling the creeps. Making an entire albums worth of atonal riffs is no easy feat but Antti Boman seems to have a great ear for what works and what doesn’t. Nespithe 14,99 € Classic Adversary T-shirt 15,99 € Logo T-shirt 14,99 € Em9t2ness of van2s1ing / V34ish6ng 0f emptiness 2LP - 1st pressing! deicide The album was released in February 1993 by Necropolis Records. I realise that it will never be within my writing abilities to properly convey the majesty of this album's songwriting and performance, and that to many it will continue to be a candidate for dismissal based on it supposedly being just anothter faux-"strange" technical death metal album with too much of an emphasis on melody and vocals that to many can't possibly be taken seriously either by the person who performed them or the confused listener wondering what it was they were meant to accomplished. Contrary to most metal, the chords seem to follow the lead guitar, as opposed to the other way around. The first seven songs are completely flawless. I have heard Demilich described as technical metal, but I’ve never really thought of them as such. They were so far ahead that they didn’t bother to make a sequel. I mean, come on, it's one thing having a lo-fi production, but really? If you are able to track it down I suggest paying the price, however these artists have made it available for free download from their website, so you have no excuse to not sit back and be taken to another planet that once used to absorb flesh in order to achieve divinity Genres: Technical Death Metal, Death Metal. If you’re new to harsh vocals, that would be your general impression of Demilich’s Nespithe. However he doesn't exactly manage to capture anything truly worthy of mention, and prefers to remain within the background of the musical constrict than credit for an awesome performance as say, Flo Mounier of Cryptopsy would. Demilich’s debut and only full-length release, Nespithe, has Forgotten Legends written all over it. Demilich is one of those very experimental and unorthodox death metal bands that came out of nowhere, yet attracted the vast majority of the fans of the genre with ease, and unexpectedly so. Of course, whats exploration if you don’t have people with the guts to explore? But that doesn't really matter, the point of the review was to talk about how great this album is. How can you not have Behemoth's Demigod in your top three and call yourself a fan of the genre? In the case of the album I am reviewing, it would not only be an understatement, but the entire approach of that type of thinking would be fallacious. This is an album so original and well crafted, I literally can't find anything bad about it, nothing even mediocre or above average. I also mentioned the lowness of the drums, and that is a big problem. Nespithe is the only album recorded by Finnish death metal band Demilich. The production and guitar technique lead to these possibilities, as the guitar plays very long melodic riffs that are also often very catchy , which creates an opportunity for the bass That is because describing the surface elements doesn't leave a very appealing mix in theory. Edit Release All Versions of this Release New Submission . The riffs are extremely technical, but not in the "these techniques are so crazy" way that bands today seem to do with endless sweep picking. It's an album to be heard at least once in your lifetime, because there isn't anything as strange sounding, or as musically filling, as this is. The drum production could have done with a little greater dynamic range, but there’s nothing significant to complain about the way Nespithe has been crafted. The off-kilter riffs and otherworldly, bowel rumblingly low vocals from frontman Anti Bowman and the overall sound off total chaos have added to the mystique of Nesphite. But all that aside, what's the purpose of this little narrative? It sticks to the same pace for pretty much the entire running time, yet manages to stay interesting throughout. ERP038; Cassette). Demilich delivered a tight set with a great deal of energy. Bass is also a worthy mention. Completely original, never boring, they manage to find a way to stay complex without boring the listener. Combine this with the atonality I mentioned earlier and you’ve got yourself a bunch of really weird yet satisfying riffs. In fact some will probably dismiss it in seconds. The worst path to supposed originality in any kind of music, and probably any kind of anything, is to take something stereotypical and combine it with something weird and call it a day. In fact, it feels planned out in a way that probably shouldn't be comprehended by mere humans. The pace of the album seems to be smooth the entire way through, regardless of the occasional blasting and non-shred solos, progressing at a medium pace, which is possibly why the album doesn't sound like a complete cacophony. The guitar is heavily downtuned, producing a tone that sounds like a predecessor to sludge metal. Death metal novices would do good to try and truly broaden their horizons with this thing, by that I mean gaze into the writhing, slimy maw of the abyss and try to understand it's disgusting, yet profound mutterings. The first thing that someone will notice upon hearing it is the vocals -- the first thing I thought when I heard it was that the vocalist was the most impressive belcher I had ever heard, though that's actually not the case. In a genre defined by its unfettered commitment to extremity, it’s rare for a death metal album to retain its stopping power in the generations following its release. Genre: Death Metal. The remaining tracks fall right back into place with the first seven. The double CD package features new artwork by original Nespithe cover artist Turkka Rantanen, and the classic cover is included as well. Label: Archivist Records. When you re-pitch the album a full step, the whole thing sounds a lot more presentable and believe. In fact this album has some of the most complex and atonal riffs this side of Gorguts! Antti Boman uses some cryptic lyrics as well giving just a little bit more of a mystique to this already out-of-this-world album (just look at the song titles). You know, in that alternate universe in which time runs backwards, this album would be the world's most derided as having stolen every single idea bands had after 1993. Never have I heard such a thing and I doubt I ever will, but you should really check for yourself what I mean. Villein – Splendor Solis [UK, Dungeon Synth] (2020) 2 days ago Valley of Steel.

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