Badge code: DRONECHAMP (Available until: 31.08.2020​). If you would like to use all features of this site, it is mandatory to enable JavaScript. Your browser has JavaScript disabled. Ich hasse zwar den Ausdruck "Ehrenmann" aber trotzdem danke! The Drone Champions League badge is here! Il badge Drone Champions League è qui! Drone Champions League, DRONECHAMP TeamSpeak Systems Badges 1 Cuberpunk, ZP08ZKET4P TeamSpeak Systems Badges 0 TeamSpeak Competition Winner badges TeamSpeak Systems Badges 2 Powered by Discourse, best viewed with JavaScript enabled, The @DroneChampionsL badge is here! The Drone Champions League badge is here! Da es bestimmt nicht jeder mit bekommt, wenn es regelmäßig neues Codes für Teamspeak Badges gibt. Wie schnell wird die Liste aktualisiert wenn neue Badges heraus kommen? Also nochmal ein Fettes DANKE, #Neues Badge TeamSpeak Merch Owner — 3rd Edition, Beste AKTION du bist ein richtiger EHRENMANN. TeamSpeak Merch badges TeamSpeak Merch Owner - 1st Edition ... Drone Champions League I follow the Drone Champions League 56df5ce2-6c5a-4a24-90e2-29e497e26170: DRONECHAMP Follow Drone Champions League Available Until 31.08.2020 Alpha Tester Helped to test our software. In the beginning you cried because TeamSpeak removed some posts but since then you literally started to censor this forum with your BS flags! I can take it only as humor about your previous message about “hunting”, Name: Drone Champions League (I follow the Drone Champions League) Message Me R-GO: Manager; Awards. BJCFQBU53C Found Tim Speak 2018.09.01. Teamspeak badges Rocket Beans TV - RWGE2NURJZ Overwatch League - Z63S0XVHZF Stay Home, Stay Safe - K7B03BHHBW Reality Egg - 1B2JFU7HNL Power Egg - DJJCQTDWFX Space Egg - JFE3U2V0N7 Soul Egg - 1Y34SHJE0W Time Egg - 9CFAMVLLXC Mind Egg - MKUUNY6GTY Drone Champions League - DRONECHAMP PolTeamgeist - TEAMSPOOKY Braindance: P4TEKZ80PZ … Du darfst sie keinen sehen lassen, musst sie regelmäßig wechseln und solltest sie nicht mit Fremden tauschen.“. THANK YOU! DCL - The Game in collaboration with THQ Nordic. BJCFQBU53C Found Tim Speak 2018.09.01. 3. GUID: 2bf80270-8efe-46dc-a472-3280a0479145 257. Name: TeamSpeak Addon Author (Creator of TeamSpeak Addons) GUID: 1cb07348–34a4–4741-b50f-c41e584370f7 Badge code: Auto assign (Available until: 30.06.2017 ) Create addon for TeamSpeak. Oktoberfest is the biggest festival of its kind in the world, I wouldn´t call it not international when you look at all the famous people who fly to Germany just to go to this legendary event. Well… THANK YOU!) Keep an eye out for a TeamSpeak race track banner tomorrow to find the code! Du kannst deinen Freund nicht finden? This is the official TeamSpeak page. Dark vs Light Champions We pay 500k Death Bounties for each DvL Champion kill všečkov. The Drone Racing League (DRL) is a professional drone racing league that operates internationally. SVG. Odznaka z okazji eventu Drone Champions League Kod można aktywować poprzez konto myTeamSpeak KOD: DRONECHAMP ... Dyskusje TeamSpeak 3 ; Drone Champions League - TeamSpeak3 Badges Drone Champions League - TeamSpeak3 Badges. By continuing to browse this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. It’s not an international event guess I don’t think so. I love wine and cheese… sometimes beer^^. Udostępnij DRL pilots race first-person view (FPV) with identical, custom-built drones at speeds above 80 MPH through three-dimensional courses. EDIT: THANK YOU! Nutze als Tracker und durchsuche die Serverliste mit einer eindeutigen Identität oder Nickname. The badge is automatically added to the profile when the beta tester code is activated (the code is sent to the mail if you entered the beta test program, or have time to take it when distributing it on TeamSpeak social networks). . TeamSpeak. EDIT: Sanctum Italia vi augura buon proseguimento, continuate a seguire il nostro sito. This is the official TeamSpeak page. ), GUID: de7bd960-eb02–47e1–9ce2-a44f6e255d8f, Badge code: QTL3MXJZGN (Available until: 31.12.2019), GUID: d6062d9c-42a3–49c9–91dd-8c43a5a46805, Name: Bright Idea (TeamSpeak took my idea on board), GUID: cbf5aafd-2554–4053–80bb-0cf82ec0a430, Name: Merry Christmas 2019 (It’s the most wonderful Tim of the Year), GUID: ed85bdff-2a2b-4bea-a1a5–4d06fcc0d776, Badge code: 5TN1PV1HHS (Available until: 31.12.2019), Name: Valentim’s Day 2020 (Valentim’s Day 2020), GUID: 92801833-e721–4b7e-84d4–6c02dbb332b9, Badge code: D8HYENCL3K (Available until: 17.02.2020), Name: TeamSpeak Merch Badge 3.0 (TeamSpeak Merch Owner — 3rd Edition), GUID: 205916f3-a953-4754-8905-bc15069b1f91 98, Name: Overwatch League (I follow the Overwatch League), Badge code: Z63S0XVHZF (Available until: 13.04.2020), Name: Stay Home, Stay Safe (Playing Apart, Staying Connected), GUID: 7a627d47-5496-4d68-83b5-2c4eafff9b30 112, Badge code: K7B03BHHBW (Available until: 31.04.2020), Name: Reality Egg (Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt), GUID: 1aa375e8-7207-45bf-8b80-556bafafc834 11, Badge code: 1B2JFU7HNL (Available until: 19.04.2020), Name: Power Egg (Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt), GUID: 5f6d49e4-35c8-4809-8c81-6e71f7f749e9 8, Badge code: DJJCQTDWFX (Available until: 19.04.2020), Name: Space Egg (Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt), GUID: 641a4d85-2351-482c-97a1-02fc3b6abbb5 14, Badge code: JFE3U2V0N7 (Available until: 19.04.2020), Name: Soul Egg (Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt), GUID: 2c9698c1-1fec-4baa-a28f-4845f045f42f 200, Badge code: 1Y34SHJE0W (Available until: 19.04.2020), Name: Time Egg (Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt), GUID: 089c7295-3aa2-48b0-b2f1-2dd1bec12caf 18, Badge code: 9CFAMVLLXC (Available until: 19.04.2020), Name: Mind Egg (Found in the TeamSpeak 2020 Easter Egg Hunt), GUID: 0d98391c-ecdf-4f26-931a-49bfd669cda7 15, Badge code: MKUUNY6GTY (Available until: 19.04.2020), Name: Drone Champions League (I follow the Drone Champions League), GUID: 56df5ce2-6c5a-4a24-90e2-29e497e26170 3, Badge code: DRONECHAMP (Available until: 31.08.2020), Name: Alpha Tester (Helped to test our software. Danke für die liste hab vor einiger zeit mal nach einer gesucht und nichts gefunden. Ihr Benötigt ein MyTeamspeak Konto dieses könnt ihr Please login to see this link. US ), Name: TeamSpeak Addon Author (Creator of TeamSpeak Addons), GUID: 1cb07348–34a4–4741-b50f-c41e584370f7, Badge code: Auto assign (Available until: 30.06.2017), Name: Gamescom 2014 (Registered at Gamescom 2014), GUID: 62444179–0d99–42ba-a45c-c6b1557d079a, Name: Paris Games Week 2014 (Registered at Paris Games Week 2014), GUID: d95f9901-c42d-4bac-8849–7164fd9e2310, Name: Gamescom 2016 (Registered during Gamescom 2016), GUID: 50bbdbc8–0f2a-46eb-9808–602225b49627, Name: Paris Games Week 2016 (Registered during Paris Games Week 2016), Name: TamSpeak Addon Developer (Bronze) (Creator of at least 1 TeamSpeak Addon), GUID: 450f81c1-ab41–4211-a338–222fa94ed157, Badge code: Auto assign (Available until: unlimited), Name: TeamSpeak Addon Developer (Silver) (Creator of at least 3 TeamSpeak Addons), GUID: c9e97536–5a2d-4c8e-a135-af404587a472, Name: TeamSpeak Addon Developer (Gold) (Creator of at least 5 TeamSpeak Addons), GUID: 94ec66de-5940–4e38-b002–970df0cf6c94, Name: Gamescom 2017 (Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2017), GUID: 534c9582-ab02–4267-aec6–2d94361daa2a, Badge code: DK9JGRJH1Q (Available until: 01.09.2017), Name: Gamescom Hero 2017 (Gaming Hero at Gamescom 2017), GUID: 34dbfa8f-bd27–494c-aa08-a312fc0bb240, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 29.08.2017), Name: MIFCOM (MIFCOM | Entered Performance), GUID: 7d9fa2b1-b6fa-47ad-9838-c239a4ddd116, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 31.12.2017), GUID: f81ad44d-e931–47d1-a3ef-5fd160217cf8, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: unlimited), Name: Rocket Beans TV (Rocket Beans TV Community), GUID: f22c22f1–8e2d-4d99–8de9-f352dc26ac5b, Badge code: RWGE2NURJZ (Available until: unlimited), Name: TeamSpeak Jedi (myTeamSpeak early adopter), GUID: 64221fd1–706c-4bb2-ba55–996c39effa79, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 30.09.2018), Name: Official TeamSpeak Gamer (New myTeamSpeak member), GUID: c3f823eb-5d5c-40f9–9dbd-3437d59a539d, Name: E3 2018 — Winner (Discovered at E3 2018), GUID: 935e5a2a-954a-44ca-aa7a-55c79285b601, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 31.12.2018), Name: Gamescom 2018 (Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2018), GUID: 4eef1ecf-a0ea-423d-bfd0–496543a00305, Badge code: 8CXB49KPJ4 (Available until: 01.09.2018), Name: Gamescom 2018 player (Gamescom Exclusive Gaming Hero 2018), GUID: 24512806-f886–4440-b579–9e26e4219ef6, Badge code: BJCFQBU53C (Available until: 01.09.2018), Name: Found Tim Speak (Found Tim Speak at Gamescom 2018), GUID: b9c7d6ad-5b99–40fb-988c-1d02ab6cc130, Badge code: XJN4WJZEJN (Available until: 01.09.2018), Name: TeamSpeak Merch Badge (TeamSpeak Merch Owner — 1st Edition), GUID: 6b187e83–873b-46b0-b2c2-a31af15e76a4, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 31.10.2018), Name: Valentim’s Day 2019 (Valentim’s Day 2019), GUID: 4b0fd4f5-d456–4294–973d-853a1db5c7d8, Badge code: 5Q52W3VM1T (Available until: 17.02.2019), Name: TeamSpeak Competition Winner Badge (TeamSpeak Competition Winner), GUID: 9cd152a7-bf65–4ece-aeba-62d27678f79a, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 31.03.2019), Name: TeamSpeak Merch Badge 2.0 (TeamSpeak Merch Owner — 2nd Edition), GUID: 22b9ec39–7694–453e-864c-dfc7b1b0d7c7, Name: Time Machine (Worked like a machine to update addons in super-quick time), GUID: 904e232c-f369–44db-87f7–5142e15620cc, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 30.09.2019), GUID: 87ccf9ea-67c9–45e5-adbc-77e210e6128a, GUID: c2368518–3728–4260-bcd1–8b85e9f8984c, Badge code: One-time code (Available until: 31.12.2019), Name: Sponsorship License (Sponsored by TeamSpeak), GUID: ef567ec5-f46e-4520-be07–6021023cf6bd, Name: Gamescom 2019 (Visited TeamSpeak at Gamescom 2019), GUID: b82a45a5-b235–4926-be77-de102222e5eb, Badge code: PNKCB76VZ8 (Available until: 01.09.2019), Name: Tim-o’-Lantern (Mwuhaahaahaahaahaa), GUID: 4086a249-a503–4f31–9e83–8a0a8e3089bd, Badge code: JQGCTAQWHT (Available until: 04.10.2019), Name: Happy Holidays 2019 (Happy holidays from everyone at TeamSpeak!

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