Courses categorized under GER-Unrestricted Electives (UE) that are offered by any School (39 AUs total). Unrestricted Electives. GER-Prescribed Electives (12 AUs) 3. AAU: 08A Theatre Games: Engagement Through Play I can't say with absolute certainty, but it felt like less effort than if I took 4x 3AU modules, since I only have 3 subjects to focus on. More than 40 minors are available. MAJOR COMPONENTS 2 or 3 Year-3 Core Courses + 2 Prescribed Elective Courses 4 Core Experiments (2 for each Core) + 2 Elective Experiments associated with the 2 Prescribed Elective courses Design & Innovation Project Professional Internship (PI) – 20 Weeks Read on to hear my thoughts on the final TWO electives (yeah, shiok hor) I took during my final year in NTU and decide for yourself if you’re the right fit for them 1. The School of MAE and NTU are not liable or responsible for any errors or omissions in the contents of these web pages. Important Notes. Students may read any Unrestricted Elective (UE) offered by any School in NTU. MINORS AND SECOND MAJORS Students can also take academic Minors and Second Majors in other schools NTU’s foremost colleges, College of Engineering (CoE) and Nanyang Business School (NBS), jointly offer a unique degree programme that will equip you with both engineering and business knowledge, as well as competencies relevant for the global marketplace. Physics-specific UEs are listed below: Semester 1 AU Semester 2 AU; PH2901 - Electronics for the Experimentalist: 3 AU: PH3901 - Thin Film Technology: 3 AU: PH2999 - Undergraduate Research Experience in Physics I: 2 courses from GER-Core Communication Skills (2 AUs each): HW0105 Academic Communication in the Arts, Humanities and Social. Degree Requirements The NUS undergraduate curriculum ensures broad-based learning combined with depth of specialisation, and comprises 3 components: University Level Requirements (ULR), Programme Requirements and Unrestricted Elective Modules (UEMs). For further details on a specific programme, please refer … There are no restrictions on the selection of courses to make up unrestricted electives. Students have to read minor courses as Unrestricted Electives and the academic units earned will count towards the students’ academic unit requirements for Unrestricted Electives.A minor course that is NOT read as Unrestricted Electives* (e.g. 2. I didnt understand what I was studying (Sociology) and just somehow didn’t fail. DRAMA GENERAL ELECTIVES. Programme Information for AY2020. Students will take the BU courses as Unrestricted Electives. For students admitted in AY2018 and onwards, you must complete a minimum of 32 AUs of courses listed under Biomedical Structural Biology which fall under the GER-UE category. Hearsay this is a difficult mod in NTU, so I didn't take it in Year 2 and pushed till exchange to take it. For those asking for electives with the objective of getting As: I took an unconventional approach of taking 3x 4AU modules as unrestricted elective. 3. In some cases, you may need to take 2 or more overseas courses, to transfer credit to 1 NTU course. UNRESTRICTED ELECTIVES (UES) These are classes taught across NTU that can be joined by most levels of students without prerequisites and are a further way for students to widen their horizons and accrue new skills and knowledge. The image part with relationship ID rId13 was not found in the file. Since I started uni, I’ve always been mediocre and below average. Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences students are required to read and pass 15 academic units of GER Unrestricted Electives. General Education Prescribed Electives Close ---Select an Option--- General Education in Business & Management General Education in Liberal Arts General Education in Science, Technology & Society The following table presents the general curriculum structure of a single-degree Bachelor of Engineering programme. So far i onli heard my friend's friend who was given 3 electives. To be awarded the Minor in Environmental Management, students will have to complete 15 AUs. School of Art, Design and Media. GER-Unrestricted Electives (30 AUs) 1a. Chair's Message; Chair's Office; Mission and Vision; Faculty Students can then choose from a range of prescribed electives … UNRESTRICTED ELECTIVES (GER-UE) Students are required to read 15 AUs of GER-UE offered by MAE or by other Schools. In addition, there will be a field exercise / … BROAD-BASED HOLISTIC LEARNING. The core courses equip students with a firm foundation in their two Majors. Home About Us. After about 3 years in uni I finally Got It. A student registers three of the EM91xx courses to fulfill their GER-UE (unrestricted electives) requirements, he or she needs to overload another 6 AUs (or 2 more) of the EM courses to complete the Minor programme. View the exhaustive list of Unrestricted Electives offered by the university. A lot of practice needed to get used to doing the problems cause got a lot different kinds -.- I did all the homework, … AU is a measure of the student’s work-load associated with both class attendance and preparation. This is a pure online course with no compulsory face-to-face meetings. she chose 5 pe and 5 ue. Under the Academic Unit System, each course is assigned a certain number of academic units (AU), typically 3 AU. Sciences ; HW0208 Academic Communic ation in the Social Sciences 1b. Physics-specific UEs are listed below: Semester 1 AU Semester 2 AU; PH2901 - Electronics for the Experimentalist: 3 AU: PH2999 - Undergraduate Research Experience in Physics I: It was easy for the first few weeks and then it gets harder. Well, wonder no more! Students may read any Unrestricted Elective (UE) offered by any School in NTU. Upon final approval, the students will be informed of their results and collection of portfolio through students' NTU email account. Curriculum Structure; Curriculum Structure | Accelerated Bachelor Programme; Curriculum Structure | Exempted Polytechnic Students Every 2 weeks, there is a graded MCQ set to be done. 26-06-2013, 11:05 AM This course is optional but recommended for students who expect to do an FYP in Year 4. DG9005 Magic of Voice in the World of a Singer (UE) NIE electives are great for those who are bad at numbers or have poor working memory. VPA, NIE offers a diverse range of Unrestricted Electives for all students in NTU. Associate Chair, Academic will transfer the General Education Requirement (GER) Core, Major/GER Prescribed Electives and Unrestricted Electives and submit the recommendation to the Chair for approval. 2 courses from GER-Core Digital Literacy courses (3 AUs each): NTU Modules/Electives Review by denise. Main Campus; 50 Nanyang Avenue; Singapore 639798; Tel: (65) 67911744; NOVENA CAMPUS NTU Unrestricted Electives (UE) Review Posted on December 8, 2018 June 30, 2019 by TheBeautifulSotong I know that this is a beauty blog, so a post like this would seem kinda out of place…but since I am in my final year, I figured it’s a good time to share my reviews on the electives I’ve taken in NTU. HY0001 is a required 1 AU GER online learning course designed to provide NTU undergraduates with an opportunity to analyse and appreciate basic moral/ethical values such benevolence, impartiality, and integrity. Share Article. Psychology Major with NTU-USP (Scholarship + Top Ups) Total: 128AUs Unrestricted Electives (25AUs) NTU-USP Electives (15AUs) NTU-USP Core (12AUs) General Education Core (7AUs) PSY Prescribed Electives (42AUs) PSY Core (27AUs) However, something finally clicked so I decided not to waste it and help write a review. Unrestricted Electives. Integrating the AU requirements for the Communication Studies (CS) and Business (BU) majors, the total AU requirement for the Bachelor of Communication Studies with a Second Major in Business remains at 127AUs. The BRC curriculum is designed to … Director, Nanyang Technological University-University Scholars Programme. I think u will be offered only 1 electives from UE even though u selected 5 choices. This course is free for matriculated NTU students, but has a small course fee for non-NTU students. Earn AUs under an International Exchange programme. Major Prescribed Electives Type AU; Year 4: Industrial Material Engineering: MS4601 Principles of Semiconductor Devices: Major-PE: 3: MS4603 Microelectronics Process Integration: Major-PE: 3: MS4613 Wearable Sensors for Healthcare: Major-PE: 3: ... *Courses are not offered in NTU yet. 4. A rich Arts experience awaits all students at NTU regardless of your major. Students may select to read any courses from the list of Unrestricted Electives offered by all Schools within the University. Students will not be offered a minor in the same field as his major (single degree, double degree or double major programme). The NTU Education (BRC Curriculum) provides depth (Core & major Prescribe Electives) and breadth (GER-Core, GER-Prescribe Electives and GER-Unrestricted Electives) to cater to the educational needs of all students. Recommendations for Unrestricted Electives & Discussions (Sem 2) Discussion Hi everyone, with the STARS Wars just a couple of days away, I have tried searching for UEs over the past few days which can potentially help me boost my cGPA, and I am still in the process of finding modules. Note: It is possible to match 1 overseas course to many NTU courses, but ultimately you can transfer credit to ONLY ONE NTU course. This module is jointly offered by the Singapore-Stanford Biodesign Programme, the National University of Singapore, and Nanyang Technological University. Workload is measured in terms of modular credits (MCs), where each MC is the equivalent of 2.5 hours of work per week (including assignments … Minor programmes equip students with multiple skills and broader knowledge, beyond what their major disciplines may provide. Students can choose any of the following: Complete a Minor in another discipline. Students can also fulfil this component by taking up academic minors in other schools in the university like Business, Communication Studies, Psychology, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Chinese Herbal Medicine and etc. Students who successfully complete the 15 academic unit requirement will be awarded a Minor in Finance. AY2018 Onwards I AY2016 and AY2017. The 36 AUs of Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology courses fall under the General Education Requirement Unrestricted Elective (GER-UE) category. but i don believe it.

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