College of Winterhold tweaks: Dead Dunmer Delivery. AMQ: The Arch-Mage's Quarters has been divided into public, semi-private, and private zones, through the addition and repositioning of the doorways. The Arch-Mage's Plaque will update to allow you to find the current Arch-Mage no matter who you've appointed. This feature will also tell you if that NPC is dead, or "location unknown," for story reasons (or if they're from a mod you don't have installed). is no longer random or infinite, instead sequentially running through a list of books. Added patches for Solitude Temple Frescoes. ), Fixed the installer to recognize the No Player Homes version of Project Optimization (Thanks, kitten1 and DarthPinktees). Skyrim Optimization Project: Created a patch in order to solve some occlusion glitches arising from OCW's custom meshes. ▪ OCW now features High Quality Tint Masks by Shiva! This mod is an expansion and overhaul for the College of Winterhold, including two new towers, a re-imagined Arcanaeum and Hall of the Elements, revised set dressing and clutter in many areas, changes that appear over time, door signs to assist with navigation, support for many other mods, and not a trace of hay. All rights reserved. I'm itching to play skyrim here. Reduced the volume of the two new music tracks to better match the vanilla music volume. Players may now track any College NPC via their room sign. Wakened Winterhold Statue is a retexture mod of the statue of Shalidor that can be found in the Winterhold College courtyard. (For real this time.). Added missing Arch-Mage's Quarters cell data to the MLU Patch. Created a patch which adds the Flora Respawn Fix to the two new-ish havestables in Thelsa's little garden. HotE: Alchemy and Enchanting stations are available for player and NPC alike. Finally got the Ice Wraith in the Midden Dark working as it did in the vanilla game. Aside from retexturing, it also improves the meshes, creating a smoother surface. Some storytelling related to Thelsa will no longer vanish after the player has "seen it" as there's no way to confirm if the player has literally seen it or not, only if it was on-screen. The first quest is a \"gatekeeper\" of sorts, called First Lessons. Safe to use . For The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim on the Xbox 360, a GameFAQs Q&A question titled "[PC] where can i find the Arch-Mage's Hood (Immersive College of Winterhold mod)? il y a 5 ans | 8.2K vues. The day-night cycle has been enhanced with new window art that brightens and darkens correctly as day falls to night. Thanks for the suggestion, Velgath! Vidéos à découvrir. Fixed a tablecloth in the courtyard which clipped through the table. Tweaked the position of the Office Hours sign in the Hall of Diligence so it can be read without going into the stair hall. Navmesh updates to the Arch-Mage's Quarters have been forwarded to the Mystic Condenser patch. My Modlist: Spoiler +DynDOLOD Output +Teldryn Serious - A Teldryn Sero Backstory Quest SSE +VIGILANT SE +Moon and Star +Dawnguard and Clan Volkihar Epilogues +Rigmor of Cyrodiil +The … ), Tweaked the courtyard lights to make them consistent with one another, Created a patch for Spell Research; patch will work OK on a saved game, but even better if the Hall of Attainment has yet to be loaded, Fixed navmesh error in Hall of Countenance (Thanks, TheMalazan! Cleaned up a ton of extra tabs and spaces at the ends of lines in the fomod xml, just in case that's a good thing to do. - Created a patch for Winterhold Restored 2.0 using LODs created by Mannenyuki. AMQ: Variation 2: The variation used by Savos Aren is a cluttered bureaucrat's office. You can hear about how to get to the College via the College Objective Quest. In the aftermath, most of the residents moved away, and those that … Integrated new (vanilla) music additions to the College interior cells, which was previously released as part of a test patch. Arcanaeum: The player is given a key to the private collection after they have completed "Hitting the Books," the third chapter of the questline. College of Winterhold Entry Requirements - set levels you need to be at to join. New Patches have been created for Arcanum - A New Age of Magic, The Tools of Kagrenac, and Artifacts - Tournament of the Ten Bloods. This has been fixed. The quest could be totally broken if loading from a save in progress, no matter if you have the quest in your journal or not, because the Story Manager actually activates it far earlier than I had thought. iNeed: Moved the water keg in the Hall of Attaintment so it does not conflict with content added by Legacy of the Dragonborn. Added an ESP-FE version of the patch for The People of Skyrim 2. Added Frostfall support so players can stop freezing on the College grounds. It will never re-lock a door if the player has pick-pocketed a key and used it. You'll probably get a bunch of papyrus errors, but that's the old edits being stripped out. Reduced the papyrus log spam by commenting out the vast majority of debug traces. The quest completes once you've found them all. The additional content added to the end of the questline (Staff/Eye of Magnus) has been removed and rebuilt from scratch with significant improvements as a standalone mod, "A College Coup" - part of Misc. Please keep the bug reports coming! The Manager will now run its conditions check when moving between any Winterhold cell, not just in the courtyard. Only needed if you use the OCW + Arcanum patch. It's been redone. I would like to revisit it in the future. Updated all exterior and dorm tower interior architectural chunks; Hall of the Elements, Arcanaeum, and Arch-Mage's Quarters interior chunks will be updated in a future version, Subdivided chunks to support more light sources which allow more detailed and accurate lighting while avoiding rendering glitches, Complete overhaul to the lighting for the exterior and interiors of the four dorm towers, to take advantage of the improved architectural chunks' increased lighting capacity, Created new candle holders which match the silver candlesticks, including sconces, candelabras, and chandeliers, as well as stand alone candles with no holder, Replaced many of the Nordic or Imperial candle holders and lighting fixtures with their new silver counterparts, Added light sources to all exterior windows which light up at night, rather than merely the material itself glowing, Set a new ceiling material (High Hrothgar floor) rather than using the wall bricks for the ceilings, Revised painted-on snow in many areas, such as the tower above the front gate and around the rooftop doors, athe exterior access to the Arcanaeum, Removed painted-on snow between the cracks of brick walls in areas not open to the sky, Eliminated dark creases visible on some areas of the painted-on snow, Tweaked UV mapping on many surfaces to reduce obvious tiling, and in some cases fixed stretched or squashed texture maps, Added some trim details to the foot of many interior walls, Updated the courtyard hardscaping; the transversal walkway is now seamlessly integrated, and the walkway to the Hall of the Elements has been broadened, Added architectural details inside the top of the front gate tower, Created a new College of Winterhold emblem to fit into the circles above the front gate rather than using the gate model, Added the emblem to the LOD model for the College's entry, Restored the light source to the front gate tower (it had been removed in version 1.3) now that the glitching has been solved, Rebuilt the roofs of the five towers to thin the black bands and reduce obvious mirroring, Added windows to the dorm tower stairwells, on the interiors, exteriors, and LOD models, Added a fog vfx to the static mage-lights in the courtyard, Added a great deal of detail to the interior walls of the stair halls, mostly using new texture mapping, but with some additional structure to the walls as well, Adjusted the UV mapping of an archway at the foot of the stairs, Added windows above the ground floor doors to each of the dorm towers, visible in the courtyard, as they are present in the interior, Slightly enlarged the archway in front of the door to the Hall of the Elements to make more room for the directory plaque, Enlarged the exit lobbies of the dorm towers; made the dorm tower exit door arches more substantial, Created a unique trim model for the courtyard parapet to hide some unavoidable visual glitching, Created a custom piece for the Hall of Attainment kitchen which integrates the fireplace into the architecture and gives it a mantle which matches the noble furniture set, Created some temporary plugs to improve the presentation of the Arch-Mage's fireplace; to be updated in version 1.5, Created a totally new wall plaque model and materials, Created a set of new desks which match the noble furniture style, in a variety of shapes and sizes, Created a custom architectural piece for the Cantina dining room, giving it an open floor plan rather than being divided into three rooms, Created a new round counter-top for Thelsa's Cantina, Created a new bar stool which matches the noble furniture style, Created two bulletin boards; exterior and interior, Updated the two existing wall shelf models to match my custom versions used by the bulletin board and fireplace mantle, Updated the table cloth to be higher detail while also creating a wide variety of shapes and sizes for tables, desks, shelves, and benches, in three material variations, Updated the drapes with details similar to those used by the new tablecloths; will revise again in a future update, Updated the College map to reflect the changes to the architecture using a 3ds Max rendering of the building, rather than stitched-together screenshots of the in-game map, Created new unfolded notes for use on the bulletin board, based on the vanilla note types, Repositioned the posted notes as the new visual variety removes the need for the more chaotic placement, Created nails to hold these notes and the map un-magically in place, Created new bookends to add a little organization to the various book collections, Created a wooden model of the College to replace the “model” in Faralda's office which was just the actual College scaled to 1 percent, Replaced the upstairs meal area in the Hall of Countenance with a study room, Moved some of the more interesting aspects of the upstairs Countenance meal hall into the lower to preserve the intentions, Created interactive lecterns (vanilla assets) so players can display books on them (this is a test of the idea for future updates or add-ons), Mounted two of the loose shields in the Hall of Acumen on the walls, Added more details and signs of life into the various entry and stair lobbies of the four dormitory towers, Updated navmesh at the front gate for better support between Immersive College NPCs and Misc. - If you're just joining us, don't forget to check out the 1.6 change-log for a long list of things! Spellchecked my changelogs. Ancano's key will be correctly given to him. The letter that Phinis sends you concerning Arniel at the conclusion of stage 4 of Arniel's Endeavor has been moved to the standalone mod, "Arniel's Appeals" - part of Misc. It will also tell you when you've tried to find yourself. The new version only contains ownership and schedule updates, as all other changes are now handled in ICNs itself. Updated the Great City of Winterhold patch for version 3.01. A miscellaneous quest objective will now guide you to the Private Collection's key once it's become available. Updated the Lost Library and Legacy of the Dragonborn patches to be up to date with the changes in the last version. - Fixed various items being assigned to the wrong owner. Modified some data in the ICNs patch to better support installing the patch after OCW has already been loaded into your save game. AMQ: All amenities have been moved to the new transforming central dais. The surrounding holds are Eastmarch, to the south, and The Pale, to the west. Added version number to Description in File Headed for better LOOT sorting, Gave Mirabelle ownership of her bedroom chair, Further subdivided one of the architectural nifs for the upstairs dorm towers to support more light sources, Fixed the bottle and elven helm in Faralda's office which always fell on the floor, Fixed a tablecloth in the Arch-Mage's Quarters, Re-exported the Drapes nif to solve some glitches, Removed references to a removed quest from Agroa's packages, Removed scheduling quests from Tolfdir, Onmund, J'zargo, Enthir, and Savos, as they did not work, Enthir and Savos' keys are now correctly given, Corrected navmesh triangles which had been causing mysterious errors. Fixed various typos. (Thanks Urtho!). College of Winterhold overhaul mods - posted in Skyrim Mod Talk: Hey guys, I need some help here. Thank you for the bug report, Featherywolf! Created by mrstiffy . It will now check the status of the bar every time you use this stair. Fixed the ACE Patch to correctly place the Arch-Mage's hood on the mannequin. Regarder en plein écran. As the original mod author is jvr2400, he as all the right on this file. Various fixes were done to the patches for Snazzy Furniture, Morrowloot, and M'rissi to support an esm flagged OCW plugin. This is to make sure the mannequin is activated before it's loaded into memory. Page 180 of 184 - Simple College of Winterhold - posted in File topics: In response to post #86539758. Thanks, Smolcasm. This mod aims to fix that. It then locks or unlocks the doors appropriately. NPCs will use this seating during scripted scenes. If Colette has been made Arch-Mage, the spa will actually have water in it. Skip to the content. Thanks, Br4ndX! Unique DLs-- Total DLs-- Total views . The redundant stoppage of MGR20/B has been removed from the OCW Manager's per-cell-change checks, as it was a bit overkill, and if there was a chance it could run before the main "Disable MGR20/B script" did its thing, the objectives could become stuck in your journal. Created a patch for Tamrielic Culture. The old quest will be disabled and blocked, and a new version triggered. This is the main reason this patch exists and I totally forgot to actually make it work correctly. Extra special thanks goes to Mephala, Aradren, ryli, Simon Magus, Hypernova1912, MadVintage, and Thiana for their bug reports! The ICNs patch has been updated to take advantage of the new plaque system and the new save-game-proof persistent references update script. (This is technically a bug fix, but it was so broken in the last version it may as well not have been in the mod at all.). "You know, if you have the aptitude, you should join the Mage's College in Winterhold." This objective will not be given if the door is already unlocked. It will not appear to be a storage space. ), Fixed installer not installing esp-fe versions of some facegeoms patches, - Renamed "Adept" to "Erudite", and restored the vanilla rank progression of Scholar - Wizard - Master Wizard, - Adjusted the NPC ranks to fit with above, - Fixed Thelsa's door sign to be in a format consistent with the others, - Set Phinis' door sign to show his promotion to Master Wizard as intended, - Various inconsistencies between the different door signs corrected, - Added a book explaining the College Ranks, - Added a mannequin and put Savos' spare outfit on it; mannequin is only available after the player becomes Arch-Mage, - Various clutter revisions (Does the Arch-Mage need six pairs of boots?

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