Toronto Hotel-MAT Registration Form

  • Please find below a list of the items you will need to complete the registration form.

    Step 1 – Login Details

    • Business identification number (BN) (nine-digit number as assigned by the Canada Revenue Agency)
    • You will need to create a strong, unique password (specifications will be provided at time of registration)

    Step 2 – Legal Name and Operating As
    You must provide all of the following (as identified on the Articles of Incorporation),

    • Legal Ownership Name
    • Operating As (this is a mandatory field, if same as Legal Ownership Name, please re-enter as such)
    • Legal Ownership Address
    • Legal Ownership Phone
    • Assessment Roll Number(s) (21 digits as they appear on the City of Toronto property tax bill. For management groups, please enter all the roll numbers that apply to the properties which you will be reporting on behalf of, separated by commas)

    Step 3 – Authorized Representative
    You must provide all of the following:

    • First name, last name and title, email and work phone number

    Step 4 – Property General Manager, Owner or Hotel Manager
    You must have all of the following on hand:

    • First name, last name, email and work phone number

    Please check the information carefully to ensure accuracy. Before you click on ‘submit’ you will be required to enter a checkbox in the Certification section.